Dr. Glenn Gearhart CEO of World Market Vendor Services, Inc. provides News and Commentary

Using Power Marketing to be Noticed

Power Marketing has a proven success record - Try It!

With the millions and millions of website and webpages, I can assure you having your product be noticed by all the 2.4 billion internet users is normally a very difficult task. The only sure solution is to employ what is referred to as “Power Marketing.”

What is Power Marketing? How does one acquire it, and how much does it cost? Power Marketing can be expensive, but if you shop carefully you can obtain 
these great powers for less that $6 per month. Plus, acquiring these powers for each of your products is simple and almost fun.

My definition of online Power Marketing is simply the utilization of available online systems, tools, techniques and procedures in a manner that brings your product to the surface of the massive ocean of web site and web pages. As World Market offers every vendor up to six separate and unique marketing services, all for less that $6 per month, I am going to use World Market as the example for this discussion.

All World Market marketing programs are focused at two important missions. The first is to bring millions of visitors and shoppers to view the products at World Market and educate them about the benefits of using Pay-Online-With-CASH™ and their ability to make purchases without the need for a credit card.

The second mission is to focus their attention to your specific products offered at World Market. There are many different marketing programs, systems, tools and services that are designed to accomplish these two important missions. In the balance of this discussion, we will introduce and present information on some of the programs, systems, tools and services that are used to create and establish a customized marketing program.

The Power of Size

There is a fundamental rule in sales: “Knock on enough doors and you will find a buyer!” World Market takes this important rule for success very seriously. That is why when you list a product with us, we assure it is able to be not only seen by billions, but also, can be immediately purchased with online cash-pay. There is never any issue of the acceptance of a credit card or payment fraud at World Market.

Your products are viewable and actually “buyable” by up to 2.4 billion internet users including over one billion smartphone users. Note that payment is by PinPay, therefore, these smartphone users do not need a local mobile phone eWallet account to make purchases. Power Size also means geography. World Market reaches customers in 235 countries and territories in 66 languages. No other global eCommerce service offers this global coverage. That is power marketing! With our global coverage, and through the use of proprietary technology, “Pay-Online-With-CASH,™ World Market is now the largest online cash-pay shopping center and outlet mall in the world. Every business can benefit from the power of size. It’s simple, low cost and extremely effective.

Lovable and Effective Character Power

We have three unique World Market developed and owned, lovable characters who actively assist in both general and product specific promotions. They continually create enthusiasm, build customer loyalty, create product awareness, push invitations to join, and motivate customers to shop and to make purchases.

One character is named “Puffy,” he is the character you view more and more all over the Internet. Another one of our wonderful characters is “The Professor,” and the third character has not yet been released to the public.

Studies have repeatedly shown that a customer can quickly become attached to a lovable character. With attachment the customer becomes a loyal follower and promoter of the character; and more importantly the character's owner (World Market). As a real world example of this attachment propensity, see Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the resulting Disneyland empire. By joining World Market, your business benefits from “Puffy” and the other lovable World Market characters.

Online Cash-Pay Power

Online cash-pay is a very major marketing benefit to all vendors at World Market. To understand this marketing power we need to review what currently exists and how World Market delivers online cash-pay.

MasterCard has reported that only 15% of the world’s consumers have a credit card. That means that only 15% of the world’s consumers can purchase a product online. Result: When you attempt to sell a product online, by accepting a credit card, the most you can sell to is about 15% of 2.4 billion internet users. That amounts to about 360 million customers. In contrast, World Market does not accept credit cards. It is a cash-pay online store. That means our products are available to 100% of all the internet uses. That means your listed products reach 2.4 billion possible cash-paying customers, not just 360 million. That is a big difference. Plus with World Market, there are no issues of credit card fraud or payment fraud losses.

Based upon the 100% coverage and using the power of online cash-pay, in the sales of your products, World Market offers massive geographic coverage to 2.4 billion shoppers located in 235 countries and territories.

World Market, in effect, delivers a presentation of your product in every home, office, coffee shop, internet cafe, airport, hotel, store, boat, train, plane, bus and vehicle that offers internet access. Adding World Market to your marketing strategy is, in effect, adding 2.4 billion to your customer base. All this cash-pay power for a hosting fee for less than $6 per month for all the products you sell. Now that is marketing power!

Social Network Marketing Power

There are hundreds of social networks available to internet uses. However, by servicing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a few more of the larger one, World Market is able to reach a large share of the social network community. Within this community, we have a number of marketing programs designed to create interest in, and drive shoppers to, World Market.

In these promotional programs, we use our “Power Characters,” plus images, videos and other material to deliver awareness and the key points of one or more of our promotional programs. We also produce and distribute thought YouTube, videos which entertain, promote awareness, and a strong “Come-See-Us” message. In addition, we offer visitors and customers at World Market, who view a product details webpage, to directly send out an email about the product to a friend. We do our best to make if easy for the public to learn about, visit and shop at World Market.

Fundamental Online Marketing Power

There are thousands of ways to promote websites and products on the internet. Some are more effective that others. The World Market super-star IT team is on the inside and we use proprietary techniques and media programs all designed to focus all of the World Market advertising and promotional efforts to high value promotional solutions.

We use advertising space in multiple ways. We place ads with ad service producers such as Google and others. We accept ads on World Market from many sources, including World Market vendors. We’re the source provider for ads and promotional content on all World Market websites. We utilize various proprietary techniques to assure World Market is prevalent in the many worldwide search engines. One of the means by which we gain position in search engines, is with new postings at the World Market Blog.

World Market operates a Blog that regularly releases Articles and Blogs. These releases, available in 66 languages, address vendor orientated topics and some address topics of interest to the general public. Each individual Blog release is picked up by the world’s search engines. This is a huge outreach and delivery of World Market brand awareness and creates public inquiry visits. We also maintain a large volume of Articles at the World Market Support Center and Knowledge Base. Our Knowledge Base also supplies the world’s search engines with content. In addition, World Market uses various legal email out-reach programs and hot item news releases to reach new and established customers. All of these activities and programs, plus more, are designed to drive shoppers, lookers and visitor traffic to World Market.

Mall Marketing Power

Once we receive a viewer or shopper at the World Market Mall, our mission becomes getting them to first view your products and, most important, purchase your products.

You can not sell to them if you can not get them into the shore, but once they are in the store, another well known selling rule applies: “Close, Close and Close.” That is our only mission, to close a sale for you. Remember without sales, we do not get paid a commission. Trust me, we are motivated to close.

We use many techniques and tools to assist us in pushing for a purchase. As discussed in the “Lovable and Effective Character Power” section, we use our characters.

We provide the viewer many means of finding your products. All visitors have direct access to the World Market product search service and also an Advanced Search service that can bring the customers to your products.

We provide a product category and sub-category directory on the left column of each Mall shopping page. We operate a featured product presentation rotation, and can include your products in the featured product section at the World Market Mall.

We provide the ability for visitors and established customers at World Market to add your products to a customer’s “Wish List.” We also allow customers at World Market to add your products to a customer’s “Gift Registry.”

We offer all listed product titles, product descriptions and shopping cart service text in 66 languages. To my knowledge, this is by far the most language coverage of any global eCommerce service operating today.

The slogan and the message- are they TRUE?

Free eCommerce Hosting and No Payment Fraud….Really!

Have you ever read the message?

“Get full and complete eCommerce hosting, no IT guys needed. Get a great payment gateway and payment processor, no payment fraud. Get your products presented for sale in 235 countries and 66 languages, all for less than $6 per month!”

I know, when you read it, you said to yourself: Yes and Donkeys can fly! Well, I have never seen a donkey fly, but can you afford to ignore this message? Can you afford just $6 per month to add an amazing global sales distribution channel to your business? It only takes a few minutes to verify if it is true!

If it is TRUE, it will be much better for your business than seeing a Donkey fly. It will be like your business finding the best super salesman in the world. He has offices in 235 countries and sells in 66 languages to 2.4 billion internet users. That is not all, this super salesman is on straight commission. If he doesn’t sell, you don’t have to pay. No sleep, no rest, he sells 24/7 in all 235 countries.

With each sale he collects only CASH, no credit card payments only CASH. He pays you, and off he goes to close another sale. Check it out for yourself. The message is true, the salesman is yours to hire and use. Aside from the salesman commission and the CASH payment transition-processing fee, this super salesman is yours for just $6 per month. Not per hour. Not per day. Not per week- for a whole month. Think about that, a super salesman for just $6 per month.

Go read this short article: World Market: Our Way of Business { http://supportcenter.pinpay.co/KB/a46/pinpay-world-market-our-way-of-business.aspx } It is Article 46 in the Support Center Knowledge Base. Also browse around the Knowledge Base, the Blog and the World Market shopping center and outlet mall. All of your products could be presented for sale here for just $6 per month. I can assure you, the message is TRUE and there has never a better time than now to join World Market and reap the rewards. (See: http://supportcenter.pinpay.co/KB/search.aspx ; http://vblog.pinpay.co/
; and http://worldmarket.pinpay.co/home.php ).

Truth About the Go Global Trend

Do I need it…. and if so, Why?

The new buzz word in the e-trade magazines and the IT conferences is “Global.” Every IT service business, Internet sales marketer and all of the “I want to be some one important guys” are talking “Going Global.” There were and continue to be good and sound economic and technical reasons to consider the cloud technology and services. There are and continues to be very, very good reasons to “Go Global.” The problem is that 99.99% of the parties touting going global either:
(a) Have no idea what they are talking about; or
(b) Have nothing of real value to sell, offer or deliver that will “truly” benefit your business in “Going Global.”

First, let me tell you what you do not need to be sold. Here is a listing of the bill of good you do NOT buy in “Going Global.”

1] Global expansion servers; routers and related hardware and software.
2] Global network security services.
3] More IT staffing or consultants.
4] eCommerce service providers that provide service to just a few countries.
5] eCommerce payment gateways and processors that require you to accept credit card payments.

Here are some services you may consider, but evaluate each vendor carefully.

Regional or country experienced online sales marketing advisers
Customer service personal with multilingual skills
Establish account relationships with quality regional or global delivery services
And maybe a global or regional warehouse or fulfillment service provider.

Going Global is best done using a truly global eCommerce service provider. This approach greatly reduces your capital resource needs and gets your products into the market place quicker.

The five big global eCommerce service providers are:

World Market/PinPay

There are many more second and third tier eCommerce service providers that claim to be “global” service providers; they are not! The growing industry standard is that if the service provider cannot deliver eCommerce services to at least 150 countries, it is a regional service, not a “Global” service. Of the big five listed, the superior “Global” eCommerce service provider is World Market, which provides immediate and comprehensive eCommerce services to all online vendors and all shoppers in 235 countries and territories; that includes 2.4 billion internet users and over one billion smartphone users.

There are advantages to using a multiple number of these five global eCommerce providers. The use of a multiple number gives your products more shopping exposure and more distribution channels. Your business needs to “Go Global.” It needs to start the process as soon as is prudent; and it needs to pursue the process in a controlled and managed expansion process.

Your business also needs to avoid credit card fraud losses. Of the listed big five services the only one that can offer your business no credit card fraud losses is World Market. At World Market, all shopper purchases are paid for with online cash (Pay-Online-With-CASH™). No credit cards, just cash.

Look over the World Market online cash-pay shopping center and outlet mall; 
the Support Center and the Vendor Blog by clicking on the appropriate link on the tool bar at the top of this Blog page.

After you click on the Support Center link and click on the Knowledge Base link to learn more. Browse the Knowledge Base articles for more news and information. Look into the World Market approach to global online cash purchase payments and the many great features and services offer. Then move forward and Get Global!

Global Branding Your Pathway to Success

Are you using the “Know-Me” Rule to the Fullest?

No one, absolutely no-one, with any competency or knowledge about marketing will disagree with the fundamental Glenn rule #7: “The more shoppers that know of and recognize your brand – the more product sales you will experience.” I call it the “Know-Me” rule. Ask any experienced and successful retailer- Walmart, Amazon, Tesco, ShoreMart, YesAsia, Apple, Tmall, Microsoft, Staples, Rakuten or others retailers if getting their brand name exposed is important, and they will say: “Absolutely, no other approach works.”

There are a number of slogans or responses consumers use to convey the “Know-Me” rule:

Out of sight – out of mind!

If I don’t know about it – I can’t buy it!

If I see a product and don’t know anything about the brand – I don’t buy it!

I would bet money you have either thought or said one of these statements yourself. So how does your business assure it’s products pass the “Know-Me” test? The answer is now simple and costs little. You can receive millions, maybe even billions, of brand impressions per month for less than $6 per month.  These impressions are made available in 66 languages, delivered continuously 24/7 to 235 countries and territories. Yes, full global branding for less than $6 a month. Is that a deal or what! In many countries, $6 will not buy you a month of any type of brand advertising. 

To gain global brand recognition your business does not need market consultants, or hire companies to perform market research and surveys. Now, with World Market, you simply sign-up and post your products. With each product image that shows your band, and with each entry of your product into the Word Market shopping cart, your product and business brand can be viewed by both new and your established customers. Each and every online shopper, browser or buyer that views any one of your listed products on a branded image gets that important and repetitive impression of your business brand.

That is an enormous benefit to your business. Studies show that repeated brand image impressions directly implant in the viewer’s mind brand awareness and untimely, consciously or subconsciously, creates acceptance of the brand. Depending upon the number of products you list and the type of categories associated with your products the brand visibility on the product image you could receive many brand impressions per month.

Are you convinced yet? I know you are conservative and frugal with your money and that is great. But by giving up a few cups of coffee from Starbucks you’ll cover your cost to full access of online sales in 235 countries and a potential for global product branding for less than $6 per month! To get started, visit the vendor sign up button site at http://www.pinpayonline.com/  Fill-out the simple account form and let’s get your business products and your brand a household name.

The Myth of Being at Full Capacity

You can increase sales beyond the state of “fully” production capacity!

I have spoken to business owners who truly believe that they cannot expand sales because they are at, or near, full capacity. Unfortunately, this myth exists with manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers, almost every one in the production, distributing and selling of products. I do not at all question the truth of their statement. But because I am very motivated to help every business grow and be a huge success, I herewith present a few simple solutions to address and vanquish the incorrect myth that being at full capacity means a business can not sell more products.

Let’s explore this myth by way of example. We are given these facts:

  • It requires capital resources to expand product production, distribution, or sales
  • It requires more manpower, equipment, and floor space to expand
  • It requires more production from a component suppliers or a manufacturer
  • It requires an increase in the warehouse and fulfillment service, and
  • It requires a potential increase in the operational business risks.

Given these facts, what solutions allow for a sound business decision to expand production and sales capacity? The answer is managed growth, and managed incremental expansion. Let us briefly consider each issue.

Capital resources. If you can prove to an investor or a lender that with additional capital you can produce more revenue and that to deliver such an increase in sales requires very little risk, you can find the capital. How can you determine whether there are true buyers ready to purchase your expanded production? How can you incrementally expand production and sales with little risk in your marketing, promotion and selling activities?

The simple answer is to join World Market. By posting your products at the World Market shopping center and outlet mall you can measure customer demand. You can control the countries and territories that you offer your products to and you can control how many (the quantity) and how often (the timing) of product sales. All these managed growth controls are yours for only $6 per month, plus the sales fees.

More production resources. If you obtain capital, these issues are solvable.

More supplier support - Show a supplier, with sound evidence, that if he products more, you can and will purchase more. Trust me, the supplier will respond to your need. If not, find a second or third supplier.

Warehouse and Fulfillment - There are many warehouse and fulfillment service providers that will jump at the opportunity to service you needs. United Parcel Service (UPS) and DHL worldwide logistics are examples of global services that offer warehousing and fulfillment services. There are many more, just search the internet and find the one that fits your needs.

Operational risks - Whenever expansion is initiated it brings operational risks. Every business, whether old and established or your and struggling, has and must address risks. For the older established business, it is the fact that if you are standing still you are falling behind. As you fall behind you lose market share and sales. You must grow and expand to survive. For the young company, the statement that growth is needed is even more important.

No one or service provider can remove all the risks. However, by using World Market as an element in your business expansion activities, risks are reduced in some critical areas. As briefly discussed in the topic of capital resources, in the areas of measuring customer demand, marketing and promotions your products, and controlling the costs risks in the sales activities.

World Market allows your business to address each of these risks with full management control and with the ability to direct your product sales focus, pricing, quantity offered and many other important factors. Go check out World Market services and sign-up! Let’s get your business expansion underway in a BIG way.

Benefit from being on the “Winning Side”

Using the new Digital CASH Money to assure sales Growth!

I want to bring you current on the new Digital CASH Money and how you can assure you are on the willing side of this struggle. There is a major struggle on-going for the future and control of the global money and payment industry. This struggle is between the old guard, the well-established banking industry, and the new kids: the wireless digital mobile phone industry.

The old guard supports the plastic credit card as the global solution to the need for a payment system that does not use cash. The new, mobile phone industry, believes that digital mobile phone money is the global solution for the payment needs of the future. Old money investors support the old guard’s plastic credit card payment system. This group is betting on the continuation of the plastic credit card as the core and the future of the payment industry. The smart money investors are supporting the new technology, the use of digital money, paid via a mobile phone. Why is betting on digital money the smart thing? What evidence is there that digital money is winning this struggle and will deliver high profit returns for the smart money inventors?

Ten years ago, even 5 years ago the jury was still out on this subject. But in the last year or so, sufficient facts are now available to call the race WON for the smart money investors. Digital money will be the ultimate major player, the winner, in the global money and payment industry.

How can I make such a statement? Let us review some very conclusive facts.

1] Credit Card Usage: MasterCard has reported that only 15% of the world’s population have or will use a credit card. That means after 30 years of pushing plastic, all of these regional and global credit card companies have only captured 15% of the global purchasing public! Not a very robust marketing program and not a very strong acceptance from the consuming public. Not a very successful performance by the old guard.

Based upon this historic trend, assuming no viable competition and good luck, and giving them 30 more years maybe the old guard will get to 30% of the consuming public. At that pace by 2413, they will still find 70% of the global consumers are refusing to accept and use credit cards for online purchases.

2] Rise of Digital Money: Mobile phone sales and usage are on a growth curve that can only be defined as an amazing success story. According to Smart Insights, as of January 8, 2013, there were over 4 billion mobile phones in use worldwide. The United States Census Bureau (USCB) estimates that the world population is over 7 billion. Assuming one half are of consumer age (3.5 billion), then a mobile phone is in the hands of all of the global consuming public with another half of billion left over for the very young.

But to get to the real comparison of old guard to the smart money, we need to look at the use of smartphones for eCommerce shopping and also the number of SMS enable phones. That will provide the basis to compare the ability of mobile phone consumers to buy online and to pay bills via SMS. The results being how successful is digital money usage, compared to credit card usage in the online payment community.

Smart Insights reports over one billion smartphones are in use globally, and over 3 billion mobile phones are SMS enabled. These are big numbers and massive global coverage. Although the smart money is receiving great returns on the selling and usage of mobile phones, this discussion is addressing the struggle for the future and control of the online global money and payment industry. Therefore, we need to concentrate on the deployment, growth and use of smartphones. There are volumes of data on this subject, but we only need to look at a few factors to see who the winner is. Those factors are the deployment of mobile broadband service, and the mobile user switch over rate from standard mobile phone service to smartphone service.

If you need any help on this subject, just look at the global acceptance and use of the iPhone and iPad. Look at Microsoft’s commitment to a Microsoft smartphone and you know the publics transfer from standard mobile to smartphone is only constrained by the speed of build-out of the mobile broadband service.

Once a consumer has a smartphone, it follows that a digital money wallet is a normal accessory. Once a smartphone user has digital money and an eCommerce shopping mall that accepts digital money (Digital Cash), the credit card industry is no longer needed.

Conclusion- With the rise of eCommerce sites that accept digital money (Digital Cash Money), the credit card industry will lose in the eCommerce marketplace. Now with the emergence of World Market payment by PinPay as a global “Digital Cash Money” shopping center and outlet mall, the end of the credit card as the solution is very near.

World Market payment by PinPay is a game changer because it accepts digital cash and provides digital cash eCommerce service to all smartphone users, and also all laptop and desktop users with internet access, covering 235 countries and territories in 66 languages.

3] Transfer Ease and Cost to Consumer: The ease with which a smartphone user can setup and fund a digital cash account is a key element to the success of digital cash. The methods and procedures vary by country and mobile phone service provider, but most mobile phone digital wallets are not difficult or expensive to own or operate.

However, to ensure smartphone users join the digital money eCommerce revolution without any unnecessary difficulties, World Market offers digital cash accounts (a World Market mall dictated, stored value digital wallet), to all consumers in all of the 235 countries serviced. To load a World Market digital account, simply transfer funds to the account.

Depending upon the country and the available options, both electronic funds transfer and walk-up cash pay top-up is available at participating top-up locations. Although many smartphone users have a bank account, opening and using a World Market digital cash account does not require the user to have a bank account, any credit rating, or any credit or debit card.

Loading is not difficult or expensive. As an example, if you are a resident of Canada or the US, and have a bank account and an email address, you can electronically add funds to your World Market digital cash account for 30 cents, which is less than a postage stamp.

4] Transfer Ease and Cost to Merchants: The costs and setup procedures required to add a digital cash payment service to an online store’s shopping cart can be a very big problem for many small and mid-size retailers. However, that problem has been completely removed with the introduction of World Market service.

Using World Market payment by PinPay the transfer by an online vendor to accepting digital cash for online product sales requires no new equipment to purchase or install. Any vendor can easily make the transition to World Market provided digital cash selling.

5] Failure of the Radio-frequency identification (RFID) Venture: The old guard still thinks they are in power and anything they propose will have to be accepted and used by both the merchants and the consumer. They have not accepted the fact that there are alternatives.

Whatever momentum the RFID credit card payment system was gaining got abruptly stopped with the announcement: “Card-skimming thieves can make fraudulent purchases with information read from RFID-enabled credit cards carried in pockets and purses.”

6] Poor response to Verified by Visa. The failure of consumers and merchants to accept the credit card industry’s attempt to cut down on payment fraud with the introduction of Verified by Visa and other such offers is another set-back for the credit card industry and the Old Guard.

In contrast, World Market, uses digital money (Pay-Online-With-CASH™) for it’s global eCommerce service. It has no credit card fraud issues to address. World Market and PinPay were designed from the ground up to assure there would be no issues of payment fraud.

Given that digital money will win this struggle – how does a vendor (retailer, distributor, supplier, provider, manufacturer, wholesaler or business) gain access to the benefits being offered by digital money? Is there a simple and low cost approach that allows a vendor access to sell his products online and accept digital cash?

Yes, there is a simple approach, it is to sign-up for the services offered by World Market. By joining World Market, you are not only removing the issue of payment fraud, your products are displayed and promoted at a digit cash-pay shopping center and outlet mall. One that services 235 countries and territories, and offer products in 66 languages.

I have now told you the future, plus a way for you to assure your business is a participant in the successful path to the future. My advice, get on the right path – Join World Market NOW!

Online Cash Pay Trend

Walmart now offers online cash-pay purchases- You should too!

The fact that Walmart, at least in the US, has begun to accept online cash payments speaks volumes as to the future of online cash pay. Walmart is one of the world’s largest retailers and they did not get there by making mistakes about what consumers’ want and what they will use. The Walmart cash pay system is limited to online products and the buyer must visit a Walmart store to complete the transaction, but it is being warmly accepted.

The acceptance by Walmart customers, and by all global shoppers to World Market eCommerce services, is driven in part by one very important fact. According to one comprehensive study by MasterCard, only 15% of the world’s consumers possess, or use, a credit card for payments. The real take away of these study results is that 85% of the world’s shoppers pay cash. That means most of the 2.4 billion global internet users cannot shop online because they have no credit card to pay. That means that almost 2 billion internet users may be looking at your online displayed products, but they can never be a buyer.

According to Visa, 3.5 billion people around the world do not have any bank account! But they have cash, and access to a mobile phone and the internet. Does that mean World Market is destined to become the new global store to these billions of consumers?

From the yearly country by country reported eCommerce sales numbers, there is consumer demand for online shopping. With World Market now offering 2.4 billion shoppers Pay-Online-With-Cash™ service in 235 countries and 66 languages, we will soon begin to see the very massive buying power of 2 billion internet shoppers that can now spend cash online. Some eCommerce professionals are predicting the consumer response to online cash pay will be astounding.

However, my forecast is more conservative. There are billions of consumers that want to buy online. With World Market service they can and I am sure they will. I am also sure that every business in the world that ignores joining this shift to online cash pay technology, and fails to take immediate advantage of this massive opportunity, will miss out on sales and ultimately hand their market share over to a competitor.

As to the pitfalls, there is at least one. Your business needs to open a new distribution and sales channel that accepts online cash pay. Preferably a global eCommerce service provider that knows the online cash pay business and can get your products in front of those 2 plus billion global internet cash paying shoppers.

Currently, the best eCommerce system to deliver comprehensive online cash pay service to your business, for a great value, is World Market.

My recommendation is to look over the World Market online cash-pay shopping center and outlet mall. 
Just click on World Market on the top of the page tool bar. You can also click on the Support Center link and click on the Knowledge Base link to learn more. Browse the Knowledge Base articles.

Look into the World Market approach to global online cash purchase payments and the many great features and services offered. Then move out and get at selling your products to those 2 billion cash paying online customers!

Going Global Is More Than A Business Plan --- It’s A Growth Prospective

Going “Global” must be your growth prospective and mission

Expansion Opportunities

Do not fear “Going Global” … it is nature’s next step in the evolution of business and eCommerce…plus there are ways to proceed with low risks and very low costs.

In my many years of business experience, I have found, and my continued perspective is, that diversification and the stability in sales growth comes from having a portfolio of markets and customers that geographically are positioned to take advantage of economic progress all over the world. This can be accomplished while seeking to protect and grow the long-term sales and revenue power of your business.

Over the past decade, the global economic, plus the political and social landscapes, have changed dramatically and I believe in many cases irreversibly. I also believe, to use a common phrase- the world is getting smaller! By that I mean, eCommerce borders will continue to fall, and shipping times and delivery costs will continue to become more affordable. In more and more countries, smartphone and general internet access with broadband will continue to increase in capabilities and user population.

If follows from the facts of the last decade and foreseeable forecasts, that local Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers (“vendors”) must embrace the idea that sales and revenue growth opportunities are no longer defined by borders. Vendors who are positioned with the eCommerce power to accept Pay-Online-With-CASH™ will benefit most from these insights and the market share expansion opportunities presented by the new global economics of online sales and related technology.

Now is the time to rethink the way your market strategies and portfolios are positioned, and whether they are positioned to potentially take advantage of global growth trends, and to provide you with stability in the ups and downs of the country’s and regional economies.

As you may know, World Market provides local Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers (“vendors”), in at least 235 countries and territories, Pay-Online-With-CASH™ services, plus a safe and simple to use pathway to increased global sales and revenues. I urge you to review what World Market can provide your business to a clear path to growth and stability through online cross-country, cross-border and global market access.

Status Before And After Joining World Market

Why is it so important for me to join World Market?

What do you get when you ask a superior tech team, entrepreneurs who think outside the box, and creative talent to solve the problem facing every business in the world?

You get BIG ideas that lead to very big changes. In short, you get a major paradigm shift in technology and a worldwide
eCommerce revolution that’s changing the way the world sells and buys online.
My grandson’s answer was -  You get two lightening bolts and some very large and loud fireworks explosions! I know, the resulting transformation sounds like science fiction, but believe me it is here, it is happening now, and you can be a part of it! Come join us and benefit.

Fraud Losses


BEFORE: Websites, shopping cart, and conventional on-line credit card based payment services.

AFTER: No website, no shopping cart, no revocable credit card payments, immediate CASH payments from customers all over the world. No interference with existing distribution channels, no long term contacts or commitments, no capital investment, and no reason not to use this service.


World Market, a worldwide eCommerce service, handles the websites, the product promotions, the gateways, the shopping cart, and the worldwide online cash payments, using their proprietary Pay-Online-With-Cash™ service. You manage and control the products offered, pricing, customer market selection, marketing strategy and approach, market expansion timing, sales fulfillment, shipping decisions, and the customer service.


BEFORE: Online sales payment fraud losses and fraud prevention costs can destroy profits.

AFTER: Elimination of online sales fraud losses and fraud prevention costs.


World Market, a worldwide eCommerce service, using their proprietary technology and Pay-Online-With-Cash™ service removes online sales payment fraud and the need for fraud payment prevention costs.

Online Privacy


BEFORE: Unavailable or very expensive payment services and inaccessible customers, in many countries a limited online sales market opportunity.

AFTER: Online CASH payment service worldwide, fully open shopping and buying global access by and to all online consumers.


World Market, a worldwide ecommerce service, using their proprietary technology and Pay-Online-With-Cash™ service open to vendors-sellers in 235 countries and territories open to 2.4 billion online buyers, with an all CASH, non-fraud, and very secure online payment system.

Privacy and safety onlinePRIVACY AND SAFETY

BEFORE: Chase down cyber crime after it occurs.

AFTER: Continually deliver higher crime prevention and payment fraud protection.


World Market, a worldwide eCommerce service, using their proprietary security technology and Pay-Online-With-Cash™ service delivers higher security and improved protection.

These description images are an over simplification, but obtaining these great benefits is also simple. Just signup, load up your product images, pricing and description, and World Market handles the global marketing, sales and payment transaction. I think you should review this new technology and this amazing new approach to cross-border eCommerce sales.

Customer Service Impacts To Online Business

Customer Service Can Catapult Your Sales

Repeat Customers
I recently read the results of a study that reported that 78% of the shoppers will go to a competitor and buy their product if their prior online shopping experience with you has been less than satisfactory. What makes a shopping experience "less than satisfactory" varies from one person to the next, but we can all agree that quality products and quality customer service are the key factors for repeat customers. We also know that repeat customers with their ability to make personal referrals are of immense value to your online business.

If you doubt that, go review the usage numbers and the successful growth of “Angie’s List.” Customers go to Angie’s List to learn if a vendor provides quality service or products, and good customer service. Always remind yourself of this very important fact: Happy repeat customers are the springboard to your online business success or failure. 

Customer Loyalty
I always say: “Speak with deeds and few words will be required.” That rule is very true in building and keeping repeat customers. Experiencing great customer service is what gets customers tweeting, texting or simply telling friends, relatives and colleges to buy and use your products.

We welcome the opportunity to help you grow and to “Catapult Your Online Business to Upward Growth.” To learn more about marketing, selling and customer loyalty: continue to monitor this blog.

Are You There Yet? Why Not Asia?

Part II - World Market Brings You Asia!

In my six part marketing series: “World Market Brings You,” I always reiterate Retail Rule Three: “The world needs your product- get it to them!”

Second, I remind everyone there are seven continents - Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America. Other than Antarctica, each represents a unique consumer marketplace that, with the help of World Market and payment by PinPay, is awaiting the arrival of your products. Are you there yet? We make it simple, Why NOT?

Market expansion
Review these facts, do your market research, and then try to convince me you should not be selling your products in Asia!

Product Presentation Delivery and Online Sales: History shows a decade of strong Asian growth in mobile services, broadband services and the digital economy. The number of Asian mobile users is expected to reach 3.2 billion subscribers at the end of 2012. Of the 22 countries in Asia, 18 countries in have over 100% mobile penetration, and two (Macau and Hong Kong) had impressive penetration levels of more than 200%.1

Asia presents a massive presence in the global mobile and broadband markets. The continent owns 49% of the world’s mobile subscribers. Also, in the development of broadband internet services, Asia makes a strong claim to be leading the world. By early 2012 Asia had a mobile broadband penetration of 11%. This represented 460 million mobile broadband subscribers in the continent. Two of Asia’s markets – South Korea and Singapore – had more mobile broadband subscribers than population by end of 2011 Japan was not far behind on 90% mobile broadband penetration. 1

The energetic expansion of broadband has certainly been more of a phenomenon in the developed economies of the region, but most of the relatively poorer developing countries of the region are increasingly adopting broadband at a rapid rate.1

Economic Status: During 2012 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated: “Barring the realization of downside risks to the global economy, growth in the Asia and the Pacific region is expected to gain momentum over the course of 2012.” According to this report, and now projected at 6 percent in 2012, rising to about 6½ percent in 2013, stronger economic and policy fundamentals have helped buffer the region's economies against the global financial crisis.” 2

The World Bank sees growth in developing East Asia and Pacific slowing by a full percentage point to 7.2% this year, before recovering to 7.6% next year. Of special significance is China's slowdown to 7.7% this year, down from 9.3% in 2011. But while that might seem like a significant drop, let us not forget that East Asia's growth rates would still be the envy of many in the developing world, let alone the developed world.

Question: To keep a perspective on this complaint of a slower Asian growth rate the US and EU economies are only growing at about 1% annually. Asia is growing at 7% annually. Which is the better market for you to be selling your products? Given these facts: Is it now clear that you need to be selling into the Asian continent?

Continent Core Numbers:

Number of counties: 22 4

Population (2012 est.): 3,922,066,987 5

Number of Internet users (6/12 est.): 1,076,681,059 5

Other facts: See by each Asia continent country in CIA Handbook and other reference sources.4
Market Expansion
Your Objections to Asian Expansion are:

Correct, the lower and middle income consumers in many Asian countries do not have large amounts of discretionary income. However, you do not need everyone to buy your products to make it advantageous to sell into Asia. You do not need to sell into every one of the 22 countries. Start with a few Asian countries and expand your market footprint when you are ready. When you are ready, adding one or more Asian countries to your World Market sales store takes about 5 minutes and there are no new fees.

Yes, within the Asian continent many languages are spoken. No, English is not understood by many potential Asian buyers, but World Market does offer product presentations in 66 languages, and if a buyer has the money and really wants your product, they will find a way to buy it online and it will be with online CASH!

Accepted, you do not have a warehouse in Asia but there are many shippers that will professionally deliver your products any where in the world, including all of Asia.

What if there are no shoppers or buyers? In a huge continent with 22 countries and a total population of 3.9 billion, are you serious? If you offer a quality product at a fair price there will be buyers. Setup you online store and try selling into Asia using World Market. If you offer a quality product at a fair price you will find buyers.

If you have more objections, click on Support Center and submit a ticket to the sales team and they will be happy to assist in finding acceptable solutions.

Research and confirm the data above, this important market is growing every day and Asian sales can be a valuable addition to your business growth plans. We are here to help- let’s move on it!


1 http://www.budde.com.au/Research/Asia-Mobile-Broadband-and-Digital-Economy-Overview.html?r=51

2 http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/reo/2012/APD/eng/areo0412.htm

3 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19879839

4 https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/wfbExt/region_eas.html

5 http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats3.htm




Join The Largest Online Cash-based Outlet Shopping Center

Profits from joining the World’s largest online cash-based Outlet Shopping Center

Online Cash Payments
As I have repeatedly reported, and for which the evidence is in, the long established procedure for paying for online purchases with a credit card is changing. No longer is it a requirement that an online business accept credit card payments. Those days are gone, forever. No longer do businesses have to accept the financial risks, fraud prevention costs, and other costs associated with online credit card payments.

There is a new tech team of dedicated superstars in town. A tech team that said: “Businesses should not be punished if they choose not to accept credit cards. They should not be required to accept the fraud losses and costs associated with accepting credit cards if they do not want to.”

Thanks to these dedicated superstars, the long existing stranglehold of the credit card industry on the ecommerce industry is now broken. Every vendor worldwide now has a safe, simple, effective, and efficient global alternative to accepting credit card payments. This successful ecommerce revolution is provided and driven by World Market with payments through “Pay-Online-With-CASH.™”

By simply joining World Market, all businesses can now enter the world of ecommerce without accepting credit cards. They can now enjoy the growth opportunities of selling their products to all 2.4 billion Internet users and the more than one billion smartphone users. Your business can do this without the need to accept credit card payments!

World Market is in the process of becoming truly the newest, and I believe the most exciting, “Online World Outlet” center! As more new vendors offer more products from more countries what a customer does not see today, they may find tomorrow. The closeout discount, discount coupon, or special sale the shopper did not see yesterday, may also be there later today or tomorrow.

We welcome the opportunity to help you join the “World’s Largest Online Cash-Based Outlet Shopping Center.” To explore this opportunity, contact a World Marketing representative.

Profit From The Ecommerce Revolution

Your business can profit from the forthcoming Ecommerce Revolution

Gift Certificate
The world ecommerce marketplace is about to be revolutionized. Imagine the following features for a new online e-store…. Would you like to be a part of this revolution?

• Instant worldwide cash payment and settlements of online sales, without payment revocability.

• Simple to join and use as a distribution channel for the online sale of products in 235 countries and territories.

• A proprietary loyalty cash payment system that eliminates the most common financial risks of loss to online vendors including chargebacks, retroactive rate hikes, cross-border sales fees and PCI compliance problems.

• An online sales system that is truly global and will greatly expand the customer base for every participating vendor, reaching countries with strong desire to purchase products and services from foreign vendors, but have been without an acceptable payment system.

This is a service you need for your business. The setup process is simple, quick and economical. You are in full control of what you choose to sell, which countries, regions or areas, the price you charge, the fulfillment and shipping services you employ, and the price discounts and sales promotions you utilize.

Are You There Yet? Why Not Europe?

Part III - World Market Brings You Europe!

In my six part marketing series: “World Market Brings You,” I always reiterate Retail Rule Three: “The world needs your product- get it to them!”

Second, I remind everyone there are seven continents - Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America. Other than Antarctica, each represents a unique consumer marketplace that, with the help of World Market and payment by PinPay, is awaiting the arrival of your products. Are you there yet? We make it simple, Why NOT?

Expanding Markets
Review these facts, do a little market research, and then try to convince me you should not be selling your products in Europe! Online shopping has become commonplace in such countries as the United Kingdom, Germany and France, and will grow rapidly in the next few years in southern European markets.

Product Presentation Delivery and Online Sales: Forrester Research reports, European e-commerce will grow 12% annually through 2016. While eCommerce sales will grow at 11% per year in the U.K. and 12% in Germany through 2016, Forrester predicts even faster growth in countries where consumers have been slower to embrace online shopping. For instance, the report projects a 19% annual growth rate for e-commerce in Spain and 18% for Italy. 1

As you would expect from the diverse range in the standard of living between many European continent countries, studies show wide variation in the share of e-commerce sales and purchases among countries.

These values offer insight as to the general growing acceptance of eCommerce by country but the actual number which would apply to your business can be quite different. Factors such as the type and price of the products you offer, and the quality of your customer service will have a major impact on your market share of sales.2

European public access to eCommerce shopping is almost everywhere. The results of the Broadband Coverage in Europe 2011 report show that the European Union already has standard broadband available for the great majority of EU homes, 95.7%, over 200 million altogether. It is also now half-way towards the goal of 30Mbps access for all by 2020. Over 50% of EU homes – 105 million - already had NGA broadband available to them. The results quoted here are for the countries in the European continent. 3

Economic Status: It is reported the rate of growth of online retailing (eCommerce sales) in the UK and elsewhere in Europe to be slightly lower than 2011, reflecting the continued economic slowdown. But with European expected online retail growth of 16.1% this year, it is still a cracking pace.4

By mid-year 2012, comScore reported E-commerce spending increased by at least 16.0% year over year in the product categories of: computer hardware; consumer electronics; flowers, greeting cards, gifts, apparel and accessories.5

Even though the 2012 second quarter’s growth rate didn’t match the first quarter’s 16.6% year-over-year gain, it is still impressive. In fact, comScore noted it is nearly four times higher than the growth in overall consumer spending.5

Question: If annual sales are growing every year at a rate of 12% or 16%, can you see how there is room for your products to slip into the market place and gain traction, gain market share? You need to add the European continent to your online sales effort.

Continent Core Numbers:
Number of counties: 26 6

Population (2012 est.): 503,824,373 7

Number of Internet users (6/12 est.): 368,021,986 7

Other facts: See by each European continent country in CIA Handbook and other reference sources. 6

Your Objections to European Expansion are:

Accepted and very correct, because of the ongoing European financial crisis a major segment of the lower and middle income consumers do not have large amounts of discretionary income. If they do have capital, they are afraid to spend it. You need to recall Retailer Rule Four: You do not need everyone to buy your products to make it advantageous to sell. This proven rule applies to Europe. Start with a few countries and expand your European market footprint when you are ready. When you are ready, adding a European county to your World Market sales takes about 5 minutes and there are no new fees.

Absolutely true, the residents of the European continent speak many languages, and English in not the official language of many of the European countries. However, World Market does offer online product presentations in 66 languages, and if a buyer has the money and really wants your product, they will find a way to buy it and it will be with online CASH!

Ok, you do not have a warehouse in Europe but you do not need one. There are many shippers that will professionally deliver your products any where in the world, including Europe.

European market
Are you serious, you are concerned no one will want your products? In a continent with 26 countries and a total population of more than 800 million, just try using World Market. If you offer a quality product at a fair price you will find many buyers.

If you have more objections, click on Support Center and submit a ticket to the sales team and they will be happy to assist in finding an acceptable solution.

Do your home work, research the facts. You will find the European continent is an important market and can be a valuable addition to your business growth plans. We are here to help- let’s move on it!




3 ec.europa.eu/information_society/newsroom/cf/item-detail-dae.cfm?item_id=9029



6 https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/wfbExt/region_eur.html

7 http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats4.htm




Local Retailers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers Increasing Market Share

The “Trick” to Retailers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers increasing sales and gaining Market Share

Sales Growth
As a very young man, I heard repeatedly: “Knock on enough doors and you will find a buyer!”

Whether the purpose is to increase sales volume on your most popular product or to move your unpopular inventory, door knocking is essential… it works!

In the world of online sales (the eCommerce community) door knocking is getting your products in front of the eyes of potential buyers, known as getting viewers or “views.”

World Market can help! We offer many simple and effective ways to acquire more viewers. Plus we can convert these shopping viewers into an immediate CASH (Not Credit) transaction buyers at the time of the viewing.

Using our secure, proprietary payment technology, “Pay-Online-With-CASH,” we offer your business online CASH paying customers from all over the world. Not credit card payers, with payment revocability and charge backs, but true CASH customers- CASH buyers and immediate payment to you, the product vendor. I can assure you, CASH payers are the very best kind of buyers.

No one else can bring you online CASH paying viewers from over 235 countries and territories, covering up to 2.4 billion internet users and one billion smartphone users! That is an enormous number of doors to knock on – but we do it for you day, after day, after day. This global promotion of your product is low cost and can be massively effective.

In addition to blanketing of the World with products giving all viewers the ability to immediately buy your products is a huge benefit. In addition, we feed your listed products to many major and minor search engines that provide you that “the-knock-on-the-door” when a customer is looking for a product to purchase. We also provide you with the ability to create and manage your own tailor made promotion and product marketing programs.

World Market offers a unique distribution channel that very effectively supports your main missions: (1) increase overall sales (2) introduce your product and brands into new markets and expand your market share, and (3) move the slower selling sizes, colors, or model numbers- get the slow movers off your warehouse shelves!

Our only goal is to help you grow and to bring you as many CASH paying viewers as possible. We welcome the opportunity to help you grow.

Are You There Yet? Why Not Africa?

Part I - World Market Brings You Africa!

In my six part marketing series: “World Market Brings You,” I always reiterate Retail Rule Three: “The world needs your product- get it to them!”

Second, I remind everyone there are seven continents - Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America. Other than Antarctica, each represents a unique consumer marketplace that, with the help of World Market and payment by PinPay, is awaiting the arrival of your products. Are you there yet? We make it simple, Why NOT?

Expand your market

Review these facts, do a little market research, and then try to convince me you should not be selling your products in Africa!

Product Presentation Delivery and Online Sales: Most African countries now have commercial DSL services. The rapid spread of mobile data and third-generation (3G) broadband services is changing this, with the mobile networks bringing Internet access to many areas outside of the main cities for the first time. Wholesale prices for Internet bandwidth have come down by as much as 90% from previous levels.1

With high speed broadband connections increasing and smart phone use continuing to rise, Africa is now witnessing significant adoption of eCommerce and m-commerce services.2

The fact that new global fixed and mobile investments are measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars indicates the market opportunities in Africa and the capital commitment to a first class infrastructure for the digital economy.2

Economic Status: The growth in m-commerce over the last two years in particular has surpassed all reasonable expectations. While there has been a pent-up demand for both m-Commerce and eCommerce services for many years, it wasn’t until the iPhone arrived that the potential of this market was finally revealed.2

Important fact, Walmart (WMT) is strongly expanding operations in Africa. Earlier this year, Walmart acquired Massmart Holdings, a major African retailer with headquarters in South African. From this base they plan to grow in presence throughout Africa.3

New oil and gas finds always drive positive economic growth. Reports in 2010 showed Nineteen African countries are significant producers of oil and/or gas, and the revenues from higher prices and the investment that new discoveries are attracting have made a key contribution to African economic growth and that will continue for the foreseeable future. While the majority of oil and gas reserves and production remain concentrated in six countries — Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Angola (oil), Sudan (oil) and Egypt (gas) — there have been significant new discoveries in Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda, with prospected fields in other countries, including Sierra Leone, Mali and Kenya.4

Question: In the retail business, Walmart seldom makes a mistake. If Walmart see retail growth in the continent of Africa, you should not ignore the results of their research and commitment decision. If large fields of oil and gas are being found, wealth is not far behind. Will you admit that you need to consider selling your products in Africa?

Continent Core Numbers:

Number of counties: 575

Population (2012 est.): 1,073,380,9256

Number of Internet users (6/12 est.): 167,335,6766

Other facts: See by each African continent country in CIA Handbook and other reference sources.5

Your Objections to African Expansion are:

Accepted fact, the middle and lower income consumers do not have large amounts of discretionary income. Look again at your operations, with the support of World Market you do not need everyone to buy your products to make it advantageous to sell into Africa. Start with a few countries. Expand your African market footprint when you are ready. When you are ready, adding an African county to your World Market sales store takes about 5 minutes and there are no new fees.

Yes, there are many languages and dialects spoken throughout Africa. True English in not used by many potential buyers, but World Market does offer product presentations in 66 languages. If a buyer has the money and really wants your product, they will find a way to buy it from World Market and it will be with online CASH!

Ok, you do not have a warehouse in Africa. That is not a problem, there are many shippers that will professionally deliver your products any where in the world, including Africa.

You think no one will want your products? In a continent with 57 countries and a total population of over one billion, if you offer a quality product at a fair price, I can assure you there are buyers. Use your World Market store and try entering the African market with a few products.

If you have more objections, click on Support Center and submit a support ticket to the sales team and they will be happy to assist in finding acceptable answers and solutions.

Online cash sales to African buyers can and should be a valuable addition to your business growth plans. World Market is here to help- let’s move on it!


1 http://www.budde.com.au/Research/Africa-Fixed-and-Wireless-Broadband-and-Internet-Markets-and-Forecasts.html?r=51

2 http://www.budde.com.au/Research/2011-World-Digital-Economy-Mass-Adoption-of-E-Commerce-and-M-Commerce-Channels.html

3 http://emergingmoney.com/consumer/walmart-invest-africa-wmt/

3 http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204603004577270942176432300.html

4 http://www.ey.com/GL/en/Industries/Oil---Gas/Africa-oil-and-gas--a-continent-on-the-move---The-African-oil-and-gas-landscape

4 http://www.mbendi.com/indy/oilg/af/p0005.htm

5 https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/wfbExt/region_afr.html

6 http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats1.htm




Comparing Cross-Border Sales Service Providers

How do the major cross-border sales service providers compare? Who really offers the best service for the best price?

Cross Border Sales

As an eCommerce vendor seeking cross-border sales, you have choices. Quality services are available from Amazon.com, Ebay/PayPal, Buy.com/Rakuten, and  World Market/PinPay. How do these leading service providers and their unique operating procedures compare in terms of global coverage, vendor retained operational management and control, fraud loss and charge back risk exposure, and pricing?

Because of the distinct variation in the services offered, rather than presenting the results in a table format with some “X’s” and footnotes, we have chosen to summarize the features and drawbacks in a short textual form. Ratings are by the number of stars. The more stars the better. Data sources for this study included the referenced web sites and discussions with current and former users of the services.

In the rating results, one star is the lowest grade and three stars is the highest grade.

Global Coverage

Amazon.com ☆☆

Offers international sales services. Global sales require special signup procedures and rules.

Ebay/PayPal ☆

Offers International site visibility feature. International sales are only supported by the US, UK, and Canada sites. Global sales require special signup procedures and rules. Limited global sales coverage.

Buy.com/Rakuten ☆☆

Sales are US only for Buy.com US and most of the global coverage is personalized by country, with buyer delivery to most countries. Global sales require special signup procedures and rules to join different country or regional sites and services.

World Market/PinPay ☆☆☆

Buyers and vendors can be located in any of 235 counties and territories in the world. Vendors list and shoppers buy from one-single site with worldwide coverage, no multiple sites, no special global signup procedures, and no buyer or vendor country limitations.

Vendor Retained Operational Management and Control

Amazon.com ☆☆

Amazon controls purchase returns and refunds; and is heavily involved in the control of customer services activities.

Ebay/PayPal ☆☆

Very involved in protecting their company’s financial risk exposure from chargebacks and fraud, to the point of restricting many vendors from service access or product listing acceptance. Ebay/PayPal exercises strong operational control over participating vendors.

Buy.com/Rakuten ☆☆

Very limited vendor usage access to their services by small to mid-size enterprises (SMEs). Sales are US only for Buy.com US and most of the global coverage is personalized by country, with the Buy.com/Rakuten business entity in control of the sales process.

World Market/PinPay ☆☆

Markets and customer coverage are totally under vendor control. World Market cross-border growth can be obtained with no capital investment and very little expense. Vendors are paid in cash not reversible credits and are paid immediately. Vendors set the pricing and timing of product sales. Plus the service is safe, simple, economical, and effective.

Fraud Loss and Charge Back Risks Exposure

Amazon.com ☆☆

Buyers pay with major credit cards and vendors stand the risk of loss from payment fraud and charge backs. Vendors are offered Checkout by Amazon as the preferred payment service.

Ebay/PayPal ☆☆

Buyers pay with major credit cards or PayPal, and in the US also pay-me-later. Vendors stand the risks of loss from payment fraud and charge backs. Vendors are offered PayPal as the payment service.

Buy.com/Rakuten ☆☆

Buyers pay with major credit cards and vendors stand the risks of loss from payment fraud and charge backs.

World Market/PinPay ☆☆☆

Buyers pay with cash from pre-funded PinPay Cash Account. If there is no cash in the cash account, then no sale can be made. Vendors are paid immediately without revocability. Vendors address customer service, product returns, and any refunds or adjustments with PinPay oversight.


Amazon.com ☆☆

Transaction sales fees vary from 6% to 25% depending on product category. Other fees apply for various additional services, there aer also other monthly fees.

Ebay/PayPal ☆☆

Fees are complex to compute, but are generally from 9% to 15%. Other fees apply to various additional services.

Buy.com/Rakuten ☆☆

Transaction sales fees vary by product category but are normally .25% less than the Amazon.com fees for the same product category. Other fees apply for various additional services.

World Market/PinPay ☆☆☆

World Market/PinPay fees are from 1% to 2% less than Amazon.com in transaction fees and lower fixed fees; less than Ebay/PayPal in most situations, and from .5% to 1% less than Buy.com/Rakuten transaction fees.

To learn more about how World Market can benefit the growth and success of your business sign-up and contact a World Market representative.

Eliminating Online Payment Fraud In Global Ecommerce Sales

Eliminating online payment fraud and maximizing profits in Global eCommerce Sales!

Global ECommerce

In a standard credit card transaction the merchant accepts a credit card payment and the charge is authorized. If the merchant follows the strict rules, they will get paid. In some, but not all, cases the merchant gets paid even if the card was stolen. In general, the liability rules and losses have different rules depending whether a transaction was made in store or online.

The eCommerce environment is referred to as a “Card Not Present” purchase transaction (CNP). A CNP state exists or occurs in all mail order, telephone/fax and online sales (eCommerce) payment transactions. With CNP, the liability for fraud shifts to the merchant or vendor. You, the seller, are normally fully liable for all credit card charge backs, and fraud losses to everyone even if the card processor or participating bank authorized and approved the payment transaction.

As the seller you not only are responsible for all fraud losses and costs, you are also potentially liable for retro-active payment processing rate increases on all prior completed sales, even when no fraud occurred. You may also be liable for immediate and continuing increases in the processing rates and fees charged to you for all future credit card payment transactions. If that does not hit you hard, consider that your right to accept credit card payments could be revoked by the processor or accepting bank.

With increasing processing costs, rate increases, and gateway fee increases, you are losing a portion of your profits. With these fees, credit card payment services are increasing your basic operating costs! Not good news. Even worse, if your rights to accept credit cards for payment are revoked, you could be out of business.

To keep the operating cost under control and processing rates from being increased, most online store merchants and vendors operate various procedures to prevent fraud. The experts claim, correctly, credit card fraud can never be completely eliminated. Therefore with credit card payments, merchants and vendors must attempt to balance between preventing fraud and not creating so many inhibitors that valid and great customers are not chased away.

Credit card fraud is an evil that all eCommerce merchants and vendors would love to have eliminated. Is that possible? Is there a payment system that would eliminate credit card fraud? If so, would it allow all potential customers to make online store purchases and not impose fraud on the selling vendor?

The answer, and good news for all vendors, is yes. By using World Market with Pay-Online-With-CASH™ as the payment gateway for your eCommerce selling, you win. You gain both global market access and, most importantly, elimination of credit card fraud and all of the costs and liability risks associated with credit cards.

No one else can bring you online cash paying buyers from over 235 countries and territories, covering up to 2.4 billion internet users and one billion smartphone users! All 2.4 billion can be buyers with NO credit card fraud risks.

That is an enormous fraud free expanded market for your business. I strongly urge you research and consider this online cash-based payment opportunity.

Global Sales without Fraud