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Cash-Based Online Payments- A New Dawn is Rising on Global Ecommerce

You are now witnessing a New Dawn in Global eCommerce

Seeking a better life
Since the 1980s many have claimed that internet with eCommerce would turn the developing countries into developed countries and that eCommerce on a global scale would overtake conventional retail sales.

As you know, more than 30 years have passed. Simple mobile phones are now smartphones with internet capabilities. Internet usage and proficiency exceeds 2.4 billion users worldwide- just view the “CIA Handbook - Guide to Country Profiles.” The facts are clear. eCommerce has not turned the developing countries into developed countries. In my opinion it cannot happen with the current credit-based eCommerce payment system. Yes, global eCommerce has grown from year to year, but it will not go viral and explode in growth. It can’t because of the actual and inherent financial losses and risks that are imposed on the eCommerce merchant by the existing commercial online credit-based payment system.

But now the prayers, wishes and hopes of many merchants worldwide are being answered. A new dawn is rising on the billions of individuals who live and work in the developing countries. The long standing promise that advanced technology will bring a higher standard of living to all citizens of the World is now here! The infrastructure, the tools, the new system is in place and is operating to deliver economic growth and prosperity to all.

Creation and Delivery of the “Key”
I am a little surprised, but “the prayed for solution” has arrived quietly, without parades, without grand award parties or without world press converge. Rather, it has just smoothly and quietly slipped into place, and commenced accomplishing the mission. As CEO, I can tell you with first hand knowledge a wise and creatively dedicated team of men and women worked diligently for many, many years to created the “Key” to unlock the eCommerce technology needed to bring the developing countries into the global eCommerce community.

Using this “Key” provides businesses, and individuals direct access to the global free enterprise services needed to grow every developing counties’ economy. It has been proven over and over, that sustained year on year growth raises the standard of living of all. I care not whether you measure growth using the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), the Electricity production and consumption, the annual per capita income, or the annual amount of wholesale or retail sales. Use any or all the measurement parameters you like. The answer will be the same.

The result of free enterprise eCommerce year-on-year growth will ultimately raise the standard of living of all. The result does not mean equal out come for all. Some individuals will receive more benefits than others. The “Key” does not grant everyone social justice or financial equality. But the end result is that the standard of living of all will rise. The “Key” is now available to all. It is now up to businesses and individuals, in each country to join and use this online cash based global economic service to receive the benefits and financial rewards.

Key Questions
I am continually being asked questions about the new dawn and this fantastic, yet simple to setup and use, solution. I know the answers and would love to share this knowledge with you. However, I find that some questioners want short simple answers and others desire a more detailed explanation. To try to address both types of inquiring minds, I have chosen to deliver knowledge using this Blog format and also the World Market vendor training program and Support Center. Our Blog service has a archive section that allows you to research and review previously answered questions.

How did this “Key” thing happen? Who are the un-sung creative heroes? What is this “Key” that has opened the doorway to prosperity? How does the “Key” work? Why does the “Key” work? Why has the existing eCommerce industry failed for 30 years to develop and deliver the “Key?” Can I, or my business, get a copy of the “Key.” How can I, or my business, use the Key? Will we be successful if we join World Market and thereby have the “Key? Are there limitations or restrictions on using the “Key?”

Key Answers
In simple terms, the “Key” was the creation of a technology and the infrastructure that allows global real-time online cash payment transactions, without payment fraud. That may sound simple, but I can assure you it was not. I have the gray, and missing, hair to prove it. If this were simple, it would have existed 30 years ago.

First, to address a couple of important questions: Yes, you or your business can have a Key, by submitting an online application form for a PinPay vendor account and a World Market vendor account, which are typically approved within 3 to 7 days. After approval you are given access to World Market.

Economical Growth for All
For those who have prayed and longed for the day when the billions of individuals who live in poverty could begin to rise up to a better life, it is time for you to tell all. Tell them- “NOW they have the ability to sell their products to consumers throughout the world and to buy products they need at competitive prices from vendors worldwide.”

Providing a safe, simple and affordable infrastructure for local businesses to sell products and to buy products, to trade, with merchants through the world, is the foundation of capitalism and the free enterprise system an economic system that has repeatedly proven to raise the standard of living for all.

To learn more about the new dawn in global eCommerce and how you can assist in delivering knowledge of this great solution to the many billions of poor seeking a better life, and how World Market can benefit the growth and success of every business and entrepreneur in both the developed and the developing countries visit this Blog and the World Market mall.