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Join the Second Revolution of Ecommerce

You need to quickly join the Second Revolution of Ecommerce

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A lot of progress has occurred during the last 15 years of online retailing. But things are now accelerating. Over the next 15 years, progress will be enormous!

Once e-retailing or eCommerce was a playground for a few pure-play online merchants and catalog houses. Even repeated double-digit growth of online sales did not bring the big players and the general retailers. Physical stores were doing well and there was no incentive to move to eCommerce.

But the multi-year extended retail recessions, big changes in broadband service, the expansion of the smartphone population, and a change in consumer acceptance of online purchases, has caused the big retail chains and many mid-sized retailers to move to an eCommerce presence.

In the US, many big chains have made major moves and long-term commitments to eCommerce. Walmart announced a plan to overtake Amazon online (the number one e-retailer in the US), and J.C. Penny has now made eCommerce the center of its retail strategy. In addition, Amazon and others retailers have aggressively acquired smaller e-retailers. Now many of the bigger retail businesses are racing to be the leader in online sales, both in general merchandise and in specialty markets.

With the strong advancements in IT technology, and major capital investment in online infrastructures, the potential for eCommerce growth is free of technological limits and restrictions. The one remaining limitation to massive worldwide eCommerce growth is the limit imposed upon the retailers by the credit card payment industry.

I am most pleased to report that Pay-Online-With-CASH, ™ recently released by World Market, removes the last remaining obstacle to an explosion in online global sales.

The data is very clear. Consumers in the US, and other countries, are strongly moving to use the Web for shopping and purchases. During this latest recession eCommerce sales growth far exceeded in-store sales growth. This transfer away from in-store to online store sales is accelerating and all indications are that these are permanent changes.

Although the worldwide online shopping desire is growing and presents a huge potential for sales growth for all businesses, the existing online payment services are not able to service this demand. This limitation on growth is due to both the policies and the technology of the existing credit based online payment services.

In developing countries one finds that as high as 85% or more of the county’s population does not have a credit card or bankcard; and therefore, they have no current ability to pay for online purchases. There is clearly major user growth at Facebook and Twitter, and a lot of social networks, but the participating parties are not eCommerce consumers. Not because they do not have spendable dollars, or that they would not shop online; rather because they have no mechanism by which to pay for online purchases.

You will find that many of these unbanked and underbanked consumers have mobile phones, and even smartphones. You will find they have some level of purchasing power, but they have no direct means to pay for online purchases.

World Market with the unique, proprietary, “Pay-Online-With-CASH”™ service is about to change everything. It provides everyone, whether they are unbanked, underbanked or banked, the means and the infrastructure needed to make true cash purchases online. As a participating World Market vendor, your business receives:

• Instant worldwide cash settlements of online sales, without hassles.

• A simple to join and use, new distribution channel for the online sale of products and services.

• A proprietary loyalty payment system that eliminates most common risks from online sales, including chargebacks, retroactive rate hikes, cross-border sales fees, PCI problems, and other costs.

• A system that is truly global in nature and operations, which will greatly expand the customer base of every participating vendor; particularly in reaching countries with a strong desire to purchase products and services from foreign vendors. These are the customers that, to date, have been without a means of online payment for purchases.

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We welcome the opportunity to help you to join the “Second Revolution of Ecommerce.” We will help your business join the eCommerce community and commence cross-border and global online sales at World Market.

To gain the benefits of “Pay-Online-With-Cash”™ and the World Market Vendor services simply contact a World Marketing representative.