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Using Flash Sales for Global Growth

Global Flash Sales work well in many countries 

I have been observing the new rage in online product promotion. You know how marketers love to repackage and re-introduce the same idea or concept. The new RAGE in online sales is the term “Flash Sales.” It is a repackaging of the concept formally known as “Deal-of-the-Day,” introduced by Amazon.com and Buy.com. According to sources, both buyers and sellers tout a Flash Sale as a win-win. Customers get a great deal, retailers can build brand loyalty and move product (Move It!) within a short span of time.

As the name boldly suggests, the most crucial feature of flash selling is to offer products at a low and maybe even a subsidized price. Also, the offers must be ‘abrupt,’ lasting for only – a brief time. Customers must avail the opportunity very quickly or lose the great value offered. From my experience if you want to observe the best visit Kohl’s retail and kohls.com. They are one of the great masters at Flash Sales which we have named Move It! selling.

The problem Kohl’s has in really pumping up its Flash Sales program, is geographic limitations. Kohl’s works the Move It! selling in the US only. The US is a great market, population 310 million and internet users 240 million, but it still places a large limitation on Kohl’s potential customer base.

By Kohl’s supplementing its existing market with World Market as an additional sales distribution channel, Kohl’s customer base could reach up to 2.4 billion. That is an increase of over 2 billion accessible customers. These customers can be added for no capital investment and very little expense.

By joining, Kohl’s type retailers would gain the option of controlling the size of the market reach, being paid-in-cash (not reversible cash), being paid immediately, and setting the pricing and timing of the Move It! deals. Plus, World Market service is simple, economical and effective. I do not advise Kohl’s, but if I did, I would recommend they seriously explore this opportunity. I would advice you the same, start today looking into adding this unique global sales and distribution channel.