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Join Us At The Golden Table Of Success

You are now formally invited- come join us at the World Market Golden Table

Golden Opportunity
As you and I both know, timing can be the difference between a huge success or a disastrous failure. As never before, the timing and the forces of commerce are right for a number of businesses to enjoy a huge success. You are in the right time and place to capture a seat at the Golden Table! Act now to benefit from “Right-Time…..Right-Place.”

Whether you are a small or medium size enterprise (SME) or a very large enterprise (LE) if you have, make or offer for sale merchandise, products or services that individuals, groups, businesses, governments or other entities need or want, this is your formal invitation to join us at the Golden Table.

What are these “Forces” and how have they come together now to benefit you? What do you need to do, to dine at the Golden Table?

I want you to be aware that there are three major forces that have joined to create this unique Golden Opportunity. First are the exiting slow growth economies in many of the developed countries. The US is in a recession and the EU is on the verge of financial chaos. These factors are causing buyers to move online to shop for bargains.

Second, is the final achievement of a high rate of Internet user participation in many developing countries, specifically in India, China, Indonesia and Brazil. The Stats industry places the current internet user base at above 2.4 billion. Whether these users gain Internet access via a desk top, laptop, handheld or a smartphone, I must impress upon you, this mass worldwide user base of eCommerce shopping and buying power is now enormous.

The Third element is the clincher. The First and Second events are important, but recessions have occurred before, and the internet user base has been over 1 billion for years. It is the last element that is the key to the Golden Opportunity. These three conditions have never occurred before and will never occur again! That is why the timing of your participation needs to be now. As time goes by the competition will grow and grow. The time to stakeout your claim to world market share in NOW! Not next week, not next month, but NOW!

Ecommerce Trend
In a simple statement, the third element is “Pay-Online-With-CASH.™” This proprietary payment service is a PinPay development that changes everything in international eCommerce. I can assure you, this is huge! World Market reaches over 2.4 billion customers with access to view and buy your merchandise with CASH, instantly, from anywhere in the World. This has never been available before! It is clear to me, this cash payment service will change the total landscape of Global eCommerce and international trade.

Yes, eCommerce has been around since the 1990s, but until now there was no Pay-Online-With-CASH™ capability. Worldwide shoppers have been able to see your merchandise, but they had no effective way to pay for it. If they have an online credit payment capability and they are cross-border buyers, as a prudent eCommerce seller, you could not afford to accept their credit card payment. Accepting cross-border credit card payments come with an extremely high risk of financial fraud and chargeback losses.

I want you to think about these facts. All PinPay World Market sales are with hard cash. As the vendor, you receive immediate hard cash payment. The common financial risks of fraud from cross-border sales are gone. From the world buyer’s side, with the pre-fund PinPay cash account, the buyer can purchase merchandise from you or any vendor irrespective of the seller’s business location or the location of sales offices, warehouses or other facilities.

With Pay-Online-With-CASH™ all of the prior, financial payment restrictions to worldwide eCommerce have been removed. World Market addresses selling and payment and leaves with you the power and control product selection, pricing, sales program, fulfillment, shipping selections, refunds and customer services. World Market cross-border growth can be obtained with no capital investment and very little expense. Plus the service is safe, simple, economical and effective.

You now have the immediate power to capture this Golden Opportunity. As never before, timing is everything and the merger of these three forces will never happen again. As I have said: “Right-Time, Right-Place.” Come join us at the World Market Golden Table!


Selling bland, non-exciting, merchandise

Selling bland, “non-exciting” merchandise is a challenge but if properly addressed can be very rewarding

Many products sold online are exciting and easily to draw the attention of women who are the lead buying decision makers and largest shopping group. From first-hand knowledge, I know that women love to shop for shoes, jewelry, apparel, food, kitchen utensils and bed and bath items. Men are lured to sporting goods, apparel and big boy toys. But moving bland merchandise such as “office suppliers” does not come under the “exciting” category of online products.

RetailersCan bland products be successfully sold online? Do World Market online consumers buy bland merchandise? The answer may surprise you, but it is an astounding – YES! In an Internet Retailer survey, Staples.com was second, Yes Number Two, in North America, behind only Amazon.com in eCommerce sales. The point is Staples sells “bland merchandise” and yet out of the thousands of US and Canadian online stores, Staples.com was Number 2 in online sales for 2011.

The answer is yes, a vendor can sell a heck of a lot of bland merchandise online. Boxes of copy paper, pens, ink cartridges and paper clips sell online. Staples growth is not limited to Canada and the US, they are finding that bland merchandise sells very well in the EU and are continuing to expand into other global eCommerce markets.

The retail sales data reports I have seen, indicates that Staples.com is not an abnormal eCommerce vendor. In North America, OfficeMax.com and Office Depot.com are hot on the heels of Staples.com in moving bland merchandise through online sales.

I think the message from these office supply store retailers is quite clear…. Bland merchandise can be a big player in eCommerce sales. Whatever you sell, the sales volume and your revenue can be enhanced by offering your products online.

If you already have a website and sell online then you are already established. To fire-up your online sales, add another separate and unique distribution channel, one that allows you to grow your global customer base at your pace and under your control.

World Market is providing many local and national Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers (“vendors”), in nearly all countries, a safe and simple to use pathway to increased eCommerce sales and revenues. Join us and we can provide your business a clear path to growth and cross-country, cross-border and global online success.

Internet Retailer Magazine, December 2011

Global Ecommerce Helps the Local Retailer, Wholesaler and Manufacturer

Global market eCommerce help all local retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers gain new repeat customers

With more than two decades in the eCommerce industry, I have observed many economic ups and downs.  In this continuing slow economy, recession, and uncertain times, your business needs to seek ways to survive and grow.  You know that reaching out to new markets, even cross-border markets could be the answer.  You also know that significant marketing strength and capital resources are available to the Larger (Retailer) Enterprises (LEs).  The issue is: how can the Small and Mid-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the local retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer, compete?  How can they survive and grow? 

There is a lot of talk about eCommerce and global sales and how eCommerce is helping the LEs grow.  With their capital and resources the LEs can use conventional eCommerce systems and procedures to enter into cross-border sales and market expansion.  For an SME gaining cross-border, or even cross-country, eCommerce sales is neither cheap or simple to successfully enter.  Normally eCommerce market growth requires a degree of professional skills and knowledge in web deign, shopping carts, payments services, credit card processing and other skills.  Another disadvantage is that eCommerce activities increases an SME’s risk of financial losses and even financial disaster from potential fraud losses. 

With expansion commonly there is also a need for capital investments, which may not be available to the SME.  Even if capital is available, there remains a risk that the eCommerce expansion into becoming a regional seller or multi-country seller may fail.  The customers may not like or accept the SME’s products offered or the marketing and sales plans and programs may fail.  The result is the SME runs out of capital and time to grow to positive cash flow.

I have seen study results that show attempts by SMEs to expand regionally or to pursue cross-border expansion, using conventional eCommerce systems and procedures, commonly fail.   The fail rates are high and the success rates very low.  So what is the answer?

The answer is to use a global eCommerce technology, platform and service that does NOT require you to expend any capital resources; does NOT require you to need a significant web or IT staff; does NOT require you to have a shopping cart expert, or to obtain cross-broader payment services or credit card processing services.  But most important, a solution does not increase or incur any risks of financial damage from payment fraud losses.

What every SME needs is a global eCommerce service provider that removes those problems and risks.  A service that provides the SMEs with many features that allows each SME the ability to tailor the expansion to fit each specific SME’s needs, desires and available resources.  A service that also allows the SME the independence and full control to set the timing, the size, and the path of the SME’s cross-boarder growth and markets.

Whether the planned growth is cross-country, cross-border, or across many borders what every local Retailer, Wholesaler and Manufacturer needs is a safe and simple to use pathway.  They need a pathway that allows them to successfully grow their business by reaching new customers.  New customers that want the SMEs products, but have not been able to get connected to the SMEs, or they do not know these SMEs offer the products they are seeking.  Every SME needs a pathway where they control the products offered; the product pricing; the customer market selection; the marketing strategy and approach, the market expansion timing; the resources commitments; and the sales fulfillment, shipping decisions and customer service. 

I am proud to proclaim that World Market is providing many local Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers (“vendors”) in over 235 countries and territories, all of these needed items.  It is providing a safe and simple to use pathway to increased sales and revenues of every vendor.  Join and World Market can provide your business a clear path to growth and cross-country, cross-border and global success.


Great Event and Conference Promotion on a Slim Budget

You can now have Event and Conference Promotion on a Slim Budget- make sure you use it!


I recently chatted with someone who is the administrator of a brain injury and recovery association. One of her major problems in scheduling an event or conference was in getting attendance commitments from prospective attendees and also to get them to actually attend.

This hard working lady is very dedicated to her the cause of promoting awareness and education in protecting against brain injuries and recovery from brain injuries. She does not operate the non-profit association with a large budget for event and conference promotion. She needs the best level of event promotion on a slim budget.

She is not alone. There are thousands of administrators that annually need to schedule and administer many events and conferences. Whether it is a small local participation event, a regional or national event, or a multi-country, internationally attended event, all administrators want, and need, the best level of promotion and management for the least expense.

This need holds true whether the administrator is operating a business, an association, an organization, and an agency. It holds true if the event is professional, regulatory, product, industry, education or religious based. Whatever the core mission or purpose of the organization or group, low cost, effective promotion and attendance management is a must.

I think you can compact all of this into two simple questions: (1) How do you get people to show up at this important event you have scheduled? and (2) How do you do it for minimal expense and maximum attendance?

The common approach is to place print ads in relevant publications, pass out flyers and send out mailers or emails. These conventional approaches still work. However, some administrators have also added sending out text messages, and the use of Facebook and Twitter.

As technology and wisdom moves forward, you need to be aware of a new and very effective promotional resource. One that supports, and maybe even replaces, your existing event promotion activities for less cost.

It can provide both local and worldwide promotion, and can collect registration data for both free and paid events. It can simultaneously support and address multiple events by the same organization. It does not require you to have or to build any website. Using this service, you can have your promotion accessible to the worldwide public in just a few minutes. Simple, no hassles, just upload your event images, descriptions and your promotion is underway.

This new support solution for managing events is World Market. You will find World Market provides a very effective means of promotion and, if needed, collection of attendance and other fees. It also supports the sale of associated products, participation materials and publications.

In my opinion, World Market will provide you with a superior solution to the above questions (1) and (2).

World Market is a great service. But be sure to use all the tools and services you can to get the buzz going about your meeting. Look around, you will find many bureaus, local or national agencies that are interested in travel industry revenues or sales tax revenues that will help you in marketing your meeting.

An Assured Path To Retail Store Growth

The decline and possible death of the physical retail stores and the assured path to survival and new high growth

US Market

Although this analysis in retail history is based upon the US and Canada markets, these trends and patterns have occurred in most of the developed countries. But more important, the path to survival and new high growth apply to all retailers- worldwide without exception!

In the late 1960s and on into the 1970s, we saw a reductions in the popularity and the sales volume of the downtown stores. New, modern, super stores located in the suburb malls were replacing these stores. Not every downtown or isolated individual store disappeared, but many did. The major malls, with 100s of integrated, but individualized focus market stores, and the concentrated strip mall approach to delivery of physical stores to the consumer, became the norm throughout the 80s and the 90s. Also, in the 90s and on into the decade of 2000, the trend for physical retail stores moved to manufacturers' outlet malls and to add some degree of shopping downtown through redevelopment areas or special retail development zones.

With the continuing movement of the world population to more and more internet acceptance and usage; and the continuing rapid growth in broadband wireless services; and the usage of smartphones; online retail sales is and will continue to be the next frontier and the transaction destination of shoppers for at least the next decade. Retailers who fail to recognize this and/or fail to gain traction in this retail arena, will lose market share, sales revenues and investor support. This is not speculation, this is an inevitable statement of fact.

I offer a few supporting facts: many physical retailers are finding shoppers entering their retail store looking at product displays, or trying on clothes or jewelry, then while in the physical store the customer goes online and finds a better price and orders the item online from another online retailer. This is called “Showrooming,” and it is not going away. Second, a retailer with the overhead of manning physical stores typically can not afford to sell at the price an online retailer can offer. Target Stores and Best Buy, large U.S. retailers, are two of the many big box stores that are struggling with the Showrooming problem.

The good news is your store does not need to die! World Market has a simple low cost path for your retail store to move gently, and with very little capital expenditure or risks into the world’s online retail sales community. I believe the available options will fit your desired level of transfer commitment, your desire for pilot sales programs, your desire for market testing and research, and provide many other beneficial management tools and evaluation procedures.

I recommend you test your online marketing approach with a limited set of products, a single or a multiple number of countries, structure the roll-out in phases that allow for not only test, reviews and adjustments, but also online operating procedures development and all the tasks that are needed to assure success. These important tasks can be done in an environment that you control, on a solid established ecommerce platform designed and operated for your success.

If you already have an online presence, either with your own ecommerce site or you are selling through other sites, World Market provides you with an additional excellent distribution channel. A distribution channel with full world coverage, no payment processor dictated charge backs, and the highly desired and proprietary Pay-online-with-CASH™ service. No other online distribution channel can offer you these great advantages.

Focused Market Expansion In Bad Economic Times

Bad economic times are absolutely the best time to initiate Focused Market Expansion

In this current poor economy, many businesses view the future as somewhat uncertain and even scary. Most businesses have responded by cutting back, stopping any efforts at expansion to hunker down and hope to ride out the economic storm. That is human nature, instinct, and is often good advice in many situations. But, from my experience, that is NOT good advice in today’s business world.

There are many stories about the business owner that chose to expand in bad economic times, succeeded in grabbing a large market share, and upon economic recovery became the market leader. This “growth-in-bad-times” or “Bad Times Growth” approach must be followed with common sense, not reckless disregard.

If your business manufacturers, supplies, distribute, sells, or resell any product that can be purchased by internet or smartphone users, I believe this is your time to SHINE! Using the new World Market advanced technology, tools, and platform, as a vendor, you have all you need to repeat history and grab large market share while your competitors are hunkered down. You can create this success story with a very limited capital expansion and marketing budget. You can fully control and manage all aspects of the focused market share expansion.

Focused Market Expansion is exactly that, the establishment and implementation of an expansion of sales and delivery of your products to a new segment of customers or a new country or region of the world. It is focused as to your marketing and sales efforts and resources. You are in control and such focus is managed and controlled to avoid wastes of capital and resources. It’s a controlled approach to sales growth as opposed to the shotgun approach. The shotgun approach is a traditional approach to sales growth, which can be very effective in certain situations.

Market Expansion
Without major capital expense, investment in resources, time or manpower, World Market delivers all the tools, technology, platform and opportunity to quickly implement and reap the rewards of a Focused Market Expansion of your customer base and sales revenues.

The setup process is simple, quick and economical. You are in full control of what you choose to sell, in which countries, regions or areas, the price you charge, the fulfillment and shipping services you employ, and the price discounts and sales promotions you utilize.

With each sale you receive paid-in-cash, from a cash-based payment, not reversible credits. You receive payments immediately and you set the pricing and timing of all product and sales deals. Plus, vendors find it is simple, economical and effective.

This opportunity is an awaiting success story for every eCommerce potential vendor in every country, both developing and developed. I recommend, if your business is focused on sales to the US or the EU customer markets, you really need to move on this now.





Using Targeted Market Emersion

Targeted Market Emersion is an effective approach to eCommerce sales growth

Sales PromotionsIn World War II the Allied and Axis forces used saturation bombing to accomplish their mission. They did not use a highly focused approach. The approach was meant to get the attention of all and to ultimately be successful with some. The success being the coming out and surrender of the targeted party.

Although that may be a gruesome analogy, I feel it does define the crux of the Targeted Market Emersion approach to sales growth in a new market. The targeted market can be a new category of customers that your business is not currently addressing, or a new country, region or area of the world that is targeted for service by your business.

The approach is to blast the potential customer base, accept and analyze the responses, make any needed adjustments and blast again. To see strong rewarding results requires more than just one cycle of this process. Major brand and product recognition requires repeated image exposure. In fact, this market emersion approach has a long history of delivering successful sales growth to many, many businesses.

For those who think I should have used the word Immersion, I use the term “Emersion” because the parties who are unaware of your product, become aware, they “come-out, or egress from a void without knowledge” of your product. It is the act or an instance of emerging from no knowledge to full knowledge. Consumers cannot buy your product if they do not know it exists. You cannot convince a consumer to buy, if your product is unknown to them. Therefore, Emersion is the customer or the local publics’ egress to product awareness.

I know your question, if “Targeted Market Emersion” has been around since the being of eCommerce in the 1980s, why is it NOW the new and hot technique to cross-border eCommerce sales growth? Why does my business need to jump on this opportunity?

First, every eCommerce vendor at some point saturates the in-country customer base. Therefore the only path to continued high sales growth numbers is to cross the border and commence multi-national marketing and sales.

But for the Small business and Mid-sized business Enterprise (SMEs) that has not happened because, as discussed in Blogs, most online stores and eCommerce vendors have been inhibited and overly restricted in their ability to use any market expansion programs. That is due to the very high risk of payment fraud losses and related costs of fraud prevention.

To these growth negatives, is the added inability to access any affordable cross-border or international payment processor service. There are some services available but the participation requirements, terms and conditions are a significant burden on the SME. In my analysis, the use of conventional cross-border payment services is not cost effective for an SME..

The Second restriction, in my opinion, is the costs of entry into multiple countries or the total world market. How does an SME, or even a Large Enterprise (LE) afford or justify the capital expenditures and the time, manpower and resource commitments to enter, expand and gain market share in new countries, regions or the total world market?

The need for cross-border expansion and the success of Targeted Market Emersion are know, but until now they could be visualized as many insurmountable mountains totally blocking both SMEs and many LEs from international eCommerce expansion.

World Market has completely eliminated the restrictions and cost of entry inhibitors with new proprietary technology, a new advanced payment system and elimination of the need for capital outlays and major resource commitments.

In my view the most powerful element is World Market's proprietary “Pay-Online-With-Cash”™ service. This is a key factor in assuring each World Market participating vendor is paid immediately with irrevocable cash, NOT revocable credit. No matter where the customer resides, no matter what the product, the vendor gets paid in cash. This feature removes a huge amount of financial risk and makes cross-border market expansion an acceptable growth path.

World Market delivers these powerful features and services to all participating vendors without the need for a vendor to open and operate any foreign offices or obtain an in-country business license. Plus there is no need for the vendor to qualify for and employ a local payment processing service, payment gateway, hosting services or address any of the other common multinational business burdens.

The setup process is simple, quick and economical. You are in full control of what you choose to sell, in which countries, regions or areas, the price you charge, the fulfillment and shipping services you employ, and the price discounts and sales promotions you utilize.



Using Cross-Border Customer Hopping

Cross-Border Customer Hopping- the “Laser Guided” targeting approach to capturing global market share

To me it’s clear. In today’s economy, business growth will not continue if you do not move into the world marketplace. By selling only to in-country customers, you will eventually saturate the customer base and strong sales growth will evaporate. Cross-border sales is mandatory for all eCommerce businesses, no exceptions. How you approach this important element of your business operations is the factor that controls the potential for the success or failure of your efforts.

For example, the US is a great market, population 310 million, with 240 million internet users. However, when a vendor sells only to US customers, that vendor is placing a large limitation on the overall size of their potential customer base.

This is simple math. By using World Market as an additional sales distribution channel, the vendor’s customer base reaches 2.4 billion. From the US market that is an increase of over 2 billion accessible customers. It can be entered for no capital investment and very little expense.

Using the services of World Market cross-border customer hopping is simple. Vendors obtain the option of limiting countries and the size of their market reach or selling footprint. Every transaction is cash based, not reversible credits, vendors are paid immediately, and they control the pricing and timing of their sales deals and product pricing.

I think you always want to enter new markets for the lowest possible capital outlay. I also believe you always seek the highest return on each dollar spent to reach a new customer, no matter where that customer resides in this world. Cross-Border Customer Hopping is one of the unique methods World Market offers to address these important factors.

I recommend you assign some one to review and, if appropriate, tag each new cross-border customer as a potential growth hub. A growth hub is a new customer, in a new physical location, in a country or region that appears to create a potential for high sales growth at low entry costs. In selecting and designating such a growth hub, you need to do some research.

You want to assure that for each growth hub area you plan to target, with one or more products, this target market is compatible with your shipping and fulfillment costs, while keeping your products competitive.

The next step is to begin to laser guide your marketing programs, sales discounts, coupons discounts, Move It (Flash Sales) programs, and other market potential efforts to that growth hub. I find it best to seek and accept referrals from the new customer, through direct email contact, and/or social networking connections, and follow those leads with laser guided marketing programs. If the new referrals are outside of the designated growth hub, treat each new referral as a potential new growth hub. Repeat the evaluation procedure- assign some one to review and follow through on each new potential hub.


Using Country Targeted SKU Pushing

Country Targeted SKU Pushing is the newest marketing technique to grow your online business

For those new to online sales, a SKU stands for "Stock Keeping Unit." It is the online sales product unique reference number or string of alpha and numeric characters that a vendor uses to uniquely identify a product. SKUs are often equal to part numbers, product numbers, and product identifiers. SKUs may be a universal number such as a UPC code, or supplier part number, or may be a unique identifier used by a store or online retailer to manage inventory.

I define Country Targeted SKU Pushing as a marketing and sales technique that identifies one or more of a vendor’s offered products. It can also identify which countries that use or could use these products. In setting up a SKU pushing program, you first need to research costs to assure that for each targeted country that your product pricing can cover the shipping and fulfillment costs while keeping the product price competitive.

Once you have successfully completed the research tasks, setup a promotional and marketing program to push those selected SKUs to the potential customers in selected countries. Country Target SKU Pushing can be by one country at a time, multiple countries, or even regions at the same time. The promotional program can focus on a single SKU number or multiple SKUs.

I recommend the promotional campaign use either a Move-It (Flash Sales) approach, a country based email promotion approach, a country or SKU based coupon discount approach, or any other new or established approach. The goal is focused and simple - grab market share in a new or existing country or region.

Country Targeted SKU Pushing is just one of the many ways World Market provides your business the tools, advanced technology and service to grow your business. One of the many Move It! support services World Market provides.

World Market offers your business Country Targeted SKU Pushing to 235 countries and territories. This service is offered without the need for you to obtain a local office or in-country business license. You do not need to qualify for and employ a country-based payment processing service, payment gateway, hosting services or address any of the other common business burdens. You have the ability to target and push one, or any number, of your products at the customers in any one or all of the 235 countries.


Ecommerce and Getting to the Cash Buyers

How to participate in eCommerce and not take credit card payments 

Cash based payments In previous posts I present and discuss that most eCommerce retailers are missing out on 85% of the world's payment transactions. That is because 85% of the payments are made as cash transactions. Businesses, that do no accept credit cards for payments, in general, cannot take online payments and are not able to participate in eCommerce business. This is because the standard online eCommerce payment services and payment gateways are structured solely to accept and process credit card payments. Because many businesses want to avoid the fraud losses and costs of credit card payments.

Intuit, the owner of Quick Books and GoPayment, recently did a survey in the US. To the surprise of many, the results show that 55% of US businesses do not accept credit card payments.

That means that nearly 15 million US businesses are not participating in eCommerce sales. These businesses are discarding the fastest growing segment of the retail industry. These businesses are blocking their path to cross-country eCommerce based growth.

But, as I have discussed in a number prior posts, the days of being excluded from participation in eCommerce based sales, and the growth that exist in cross-border market expansion, is no longer dependent upon a business being required to accepting credit cards. No longer do businesses have to accept the financial risks, fraud prevention costs and other costs associated with accepting online credit card payments.

There is a new kid in town. A kid that said, “Businesses should not be punished if they chooses NOT to accept credit cards, and should NOT be required to accept all of the fraud losses and costs associated with accepting credit cards.”
International Sales

With the help of a team of dedicated superstars, the long existing strangle hold of the credit card industry on the eCommerce industry is now broken. There now is a safe, simple, effective and efficient global alternative to accepting credit card payments.

By joining World Market all of these 15 million US businesses, that do not accept credit cards, can now enter the world of eCommerce. They can now enjoy the growth opportunities of selling their products to all online customers... all 2.4 billion!

The great services and benefits of World Market are not limited to just these 15 million US businesses, these amazing features and services (the ability to sell online without accepting credit cards) is now open to all merchants and vendors, worldwide.

Russia Ecommerce Market is Hot

The Russian eCommerce market is ripe for more products and loves to pay with online CASH

Emerging Markets
Russia is an Emerged Market and part of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China); four countries in a similar stage of advancing economic development. (See other related World Market Blogs). I would like to share a few points on Russia from a recent article in The Economist. It emphasizes the consumer demand for eCommerce products and it defines how the Russian consumer is in tune with the cash-based online payment programs offered in their country.

According to The Economist, Russia’s e-commerce buyers prefer to pay for online purchases with cash. With online participation up by 14% in the last year, Russia is home to Europe’s biggest online population. This is with an Internet penetration rate of just 37.1 percent, nearly half that of nearby France and Germany.

The Economist notes that Russia is certainly an eCommerce market worth keeping an eye on. I fully agree, and strongly suggest you include Russia in your target market list for review and analysis. I also recommenced you review the many World Market Blogs that address marketing and regional economies.

We welcome the opportunity to help you grow. To learn more about Established Markets, Emerged Markets, Emerging Markets, and Seedling Markets continue to monitor this Blog and contact a World Market Vendor Support Representative.


Working Emerging Markets With Cash-Based Payments

Cash-based online payments open all Emerging Markets to your products

Ecommerce Trends

Emerging Markets – If your business is in one, you need to reach out to the developed markets. If your business is NOT selling in one you need to start ASAP!

I receive this question a lot: “I am a Small or Mid-Size Enterprise (SME). I have a minimal and strict budget to begin to enter cross-border market expansion. Where should I focus my marketing?”

Another question is: “We are a Large Enterprise (LE). We have some knowledge and experience in cross-border sales, but the world markets are changing. Where should we be focusing our marketing energies? What Emerging Markets, or Emerged Markets or Seeding Markets offer us the potential for solid growth for a 5 to 10 year period?”

First, whether you are an SME or an LE, your market strategy, target markets and product-market mix must be developed on an individual business bases, and on a specific market and product bases. There are a number of previously issued blog posts that address these points.

Although I can’t address your specific needs in this post, what I can provide is some markets that should be on your target market review list. As you review each, some may fit and some may not. In performing these target market reviews, I suggest you status tag each target market using the six unique World Market Status Tags described in the many posted blogs on marketing.

Market Definitions

I am going to address developing markets and emerging markets for you to consider. These suggestions in no way should distract you from the developed country markets. All the developed economies, even in a recession, have quality buyers with disposable income. Therefore, even during bad local economic conditions, do not avoid working the developed economies.

In addition to the developed market economies (“Established Markets”), I place the balance of the economies into three categories. The first is the “Emerged Markets” that includes the BRIC, which covers the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, plus a few others.

My second category is the “Emerging Markets,” also referred to as The New Frontier, which cover the countries of South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Poland, plus a few others. My last classification category is the “Seedling Markets.” These are countries or regions where there is a limited number of buyers with large amounts of discretionary income, and the balance of the consumer base has little or no discretionary income. These markets usually have a very small number of middle class consumers.

Low discretionary income does not mean you should ignore the market. It depends upon your product mix, the needs of the population, and whether you can deliver a competitively priced product. In each of these markets push the product that meets their needs and makes you a good profit. If this criteria is established as a result of your target market review and analysis, then go for it. For a further discussion of Seeding Markets, review the Blog which addresses the topic of Sales to Low Population and Low Sales Volume Countries (LPLSVs).

Established markets

Market Analysis

Emerged Markets- The laws of economic gravity are catching up with the BRIC. The law states the bigger the economy becomes the harder it is to grow fast. That does not mean you should avoid the Emerged Market. It just means that the weight of these economies will bring them into the growth rate range of about 5% GDP per year. That rate is still a very good rate of growth and depending upon the results of your target market research and analysis, it could still identify one or more of these countries as a high return, high ROI, for specific products offered by your business.

Recent research by Morgan Stanley, an investment advisory house, suggest the economic gravity law is now in the progress of bring the BRIC markets down to the 4% to 6% GDP range. They forecast China will drop 3.1%, Brazil will drop 0.8% and India will drop 0.3%. These are not numbers that you should worry about. If your target market research and analysis says a BRIC county is an Amazing, Excellent, Great or even Good market for one or more of your products, do not let these forecasted drops in GDP effect your growth plans.

Emerging Markets – These are the next wave of high GDP growth countries where a new and growing middle class, and also an expanding upper class, will gain more and more discretionary income. Once they have this new found cash flow, they want to buy things that up ticks their standard of living and their status in life. You should definitely place the Emerging Market countries on your target market list. That does not mean they will be right for your product mix. However, you do need to do the research and analysis to establish the status of each market as it relates to each of your products.

New countries will be added to this Emerging Market list, but the current leaders are: South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Poland. Research each, and see if pursuit of one or more of these countries is right for you at this time.

Seedling Markets – These can be great markets for selective products. If any of your product mix fits the needs of a Seeding Market, and you can find a means to delivery a quality product that beats the price of local and international suppliers of that product, then go for it. Review the Blog  - Sales to Low Population and Low Sales Volume Countries (LPLSVs) and all the other Blogs that address marketing. If your market research and analysis shows it is right for your business and products, then try it!

We welcome the opportunity to help you grow. To learn more about Established Markets, Emerged Markets, Emerging Markets, and Seedling Markets continue to monitor this Blog and visit the World Market websites.


Fraud Free Global Selling Of Prepaid Products Online

Prepaid products can now be sold globally online without transaction fraud

Are you aware you can now sell any and all Prepaid Products or Services online with a fraud free CASH payment? This is BIG news. Most sellers of prepaid products do not currently sell online because of the risk of large fraud losses from payment reversals and other payment fraud schemes. Now all vendors can sell prepaid products without the fraud risks.

Prepaid products
Prepaid products are used by millions of customers both locally and worldwide. Also, some prepaid products have very high profit margins. Look over this list of common prepaid products and see if you offer any or if you should be offering any:

Prepaid Mobile Phone Cards
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Prepaid Services

Prepaid Utilities

The new World Market online mall with the proprietary “Pay-Online-With-CASH,™” makes fraud free online sales possible. There is nothing like this anywhere! Vendors can now use World Market to accept fraud free cash payments from up to 2.4 billion internet users and one billion smartphone users located in anyone of 235 countries and territories.

prepaid services
I always say: “It is by acts and not by just ideas that people create WEALTH.” If you are not already selling prepaid products online, contact some of the many suppliers of prepaid products and services, cut a deal that allows you to resell, and start moving prepaid products on World Market.