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Fraud Free Global Selling Of Prepaid Products Online

Prepaid products can now be sold globally online without transaction fraud

Are you aware you can now sell any and all Prepaid Products or Services online with a fraud free CASH payment? This is BIG news. Most sellers of prepaid products do not currently sell online because of the risk of large fraud losses from payment reversals and other payment fraud schemes. Now all vendors can sell prepaid products without the fraud risks.

Prepaid products
Prepaid products are used by millions of customers both locally and worldwide. Also, some prepaid products have very high profit margins. Look over this list of common prepaid products and see if you offer any or if you should be offering any:

Prepaid Mobile Phone Cards
Prepaid Debit Cards
Prepaid Gift Cards
Prepaid Gift Certificates
Prepaid Discount Coupons
Prepaid Subscriptions
Prepaid Memberships
Prepaid Book Orders
Prepaid Specialty Orders
Prepaid Internet
Prepaid Wi-Fi
Prepaid Internet Hosting
Prepaid Non-Refundable Airline Tickets
Prepaid Tour Packages
Prepaid Car or Truck Rentals
Prepaid Hotel and Motel Rooms
Prepaid Entertainment Tickets
Prepaid Rail, Subway, Bus Tickets and Passes
Prepaid Toll Road Access
Prepaid Travel
Prepaid Education or Training Classes
Prepaid Convention Tickets
Prepaid Charity Events
Prepaid Deliveries
Prepaid Food Deliveries
Prepaid Prescription Drugs
Prepaid Medical Services
Prepaid Legal Services
Prepaid Insurance
Prepaid Home or Office Improvements
Prepaid Security Deposits
Prepaid Services

Prepaid Utilities

The new World Market online mall with the proprietary “Pay-Online-With-CASH,™” makes fraud free online sales possible. There is nothing like this anywhere! Vendors can now use World Market to accept fraud free cash payments from up to 2.4 billion internet users and one billion smartphone users located in anyone of 235 countries and territories.

prepaid services
I always say: “It is by acts and not by just ideas that people create WEALTH.” If you are not already selling prepaid products online, contact some of the many suppliers of prepaid products and services, cut a deal that allows you to resell, and start moving prepaid products on World Market.