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Global Ecommerce Helps the Local Retailer, Wholesaler and Manufacturer

Global market eCommerce help all local retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers gain new repeat customers

With more than two decades in the eCommerce industry, I have observed many economic ups and downs.  In this continuing slow economy, recession, and uncertain times, your business needs to seek ways to survive and grow.  You know that reaching out to new markets, even cross-border markets could be the answer.  You also know that significant marketing strength and capital resources are available to the Larger (Retailer) Enterprises (LEs).  The issue is: how can the Small and Mid-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the local retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer, compete?  How can they survive and grow? 

There is a lot of talk about eCommerce and global sales and how eCommerce is helping the LEs grow.  With their capital and resources the LEs can use conventional eCommerce systems and procedures to enter into cross-border sales and market expansion.  For an SME gaining cross-border, or even cross-country, eCommerce sales is neither cheap or simple to successfully enter.  Normally eCommerce market growth requires a degree of professional skills and knowledge in web deign, shopping carts, payments services, credit card processing and other skills.  Another disadvantage is that eCommerce activities increases an SME’s risk of financial losses and even financial disaster from potential fraud losses. 

With expansion commonly there is also a need for capital investments, which may not be available to the SME.  Even if capital is available, there remains a risk that the eCommerce expansion into becoming a regional seller or multi-country seller may fail.  The customers may not like or accept the SME’s products offered or the marketing and sales plans and programs may fail.  The result is the SME runs out of capital and time to grow to positive cash flow.

I have seen study results that show attempts by SMEs to expand regionally or to pursue cross-border expansion, using conventional eCommerce systems and procedures, commonly fail.   The fail rates are high and the success rates very low.  So what is the answer?

The answer is to use a global eCommerce technology, platform and service that does NOT require you to expend any capital resources; does NOT require you to need a significant web or IT staff; does NOT require you to have a shopping cart expert, or to obtain cross-broader payment services or credit card processing services.  But most important, a solution does not increase or incur any risks of financial damage from payment fraud losses.

What every SME needs is a global eCommerce service provider that removes those problems and risks.  A service that provides the SMEs with many features that allows each SME the ability to tailor the expansion to fit each specific SME’s needs, desires and available resources.  A service that also allows the SME the independence and full control to set the timing, the size, and the path of the SME’s cross-boarder growth and markets.

Whether the planned growth is cross-country, cross-border, or across many borders what every local Retailer, Wholesaler and Manufacturer needs is a safe and simple to use pathway.  They need a pathway that allows them to successfully grow their business by reaching new customers.  New customers that want the SMEs products, but have not been able to get connected to the SMEs, or they do not know these SMEs offer the products they are seeking.  Every SME needs a pathway where they control the products offered; the product pricing; the customer market selection; the marketing strategy and approach, the market expansion timing; the resources commitments; and the sales fulfillment, shipping decisions and customer service. 

I am proud to proclaim that World Market is providing many local Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers (“vendors”) in over 235 countries and territories, all of these needed items.  It is providing a safe and simple to use pathway to increased sales and revenues of every vendor.  Join and World Market can provide your business a clear path to growth and cross-country, cross-border and global success.