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Great Event and Conference Promotion on a Slim Budget

You can now have Event and Conference Promotion on a Slim Budget- make sure you use it!


I recently chatted with someone who is the administrator of a brain injury and recovery association. One of her major problems in scheduling an event or conference was in getting attendance commitments from prospective attendees and also to get them to actually attend.

This hard working lady is very dedicated to her the cause of promoting awareness and education in protecting against brain injuries and recovery from brain injuries. She does not operate the non-profit association with a large budget for event and conference promotion. She needs the best level of event promotion on a slim budget.

She is not alone. There are thousands of administrators that annually need to schedule and administer many events and conferences. Whether it is a small local participation event, a regional or national event, or a multi-country, internationally attended event, all administrators want, and need, the best level of promotion and management for the least expense.

This need holds true whether the administrator is operating a business, an association, an organization, and an agency. It holds true if the event is professional, regulatory, product, industry, education or religious based. Whatever the core mission or purpose of the organization or group, low cost, effective promotion and attendance management is a must.

I think you can compact all of this into two simple questions: (1) How do you get people to show up at this important event you have scheduled? and (2) How do you do it for minimal expense and maximum attendance?

The common approach is to place print ads in relevant publications, pass out flyers and send out mailers or emails. These conventional approaches still work. However, some administrators have also added sending out text messages, and the use of Facebook and Twitter.

As technology and wisdom moves forward, you need to be aware of a new and very effective promotional resource. One that supports, and maybe even replaces, your existing event promotion activities for less cost.

It can provide both local and worldwide promotion, and can collect registration data for both free and paid events. It can simultaneously support and address multiple events by the same organization. It does not require you to have or to build any website. Using this service, you can have your promotion accessible to the worldwide public in just a few minutes. Simple, no hassles, just upload your event images, descriptions and your promotion is underway.

This new support solution for managing events is World Market. You will find World Market provides a very effective means of promotion and, if needed, collection of attendance and other fees. It also supports the sale of associated products, participation materials and publications.

In my opinion, World Market will provide you with a superior solution to the above questions (1) and (2).

World Market is a great service. But be sure to use all the tools and services you can to get the buzz going about your meeting. Look around, you will find many bureaus, local or national agencies that are interested in travel industry revenues or sales tax revenues that will help you in marketing your meeting.