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Join Us At The Golden Table Of Success

You are now formally invited- come join us at the World Market Golden Table

Golden Opportunity
As you and I both know, timing can be the difference between a huge success or a disastrous failure. As never before, the timing and the forces of commerce are right for a number of businesses to enjoy a huge success. You are in the right time and place to capture a seat at the Golden Table! Act now to benefit from “Right-Time…..Right-Place.”

Whether you are a small or medium size enterprise (SME) or a very large enterprise (LE) if you have, make or offer for sale merchandise, products or services that individuals, groups, businesses, governments or other entities need or want, this is your formal invitation to join us at the Golden Table.

What are these “Forces” and how have they come together now to benefit you? What do you need to do, to dine at the Golden Table?

I want you to be aware that there are three major forces that have joined to create this unique Golden Opportunity. First are the exiting slow growth economies in many of the developed countries. The US is in a recession and the EU is on the verge of financial chaos. These factors are causing buyers to move online to shop for bargains.

Second, is the final achievement of a high rate of Internet user participation in many developing countries, specifically in India, China, Indonesia and Brazil. The Stats industry places the current internet user base at above 2.4 billion. Whether these users gain Internet access via a desk top, laptop, handheld or a smartphone, I must impress upon you, this mass worldwide user base of eCommerce shopping and buying power is now enormous.

The Third element is the clincher. The First and Second events are important, but recessions have occurred before, and the internet user base has been over 1 billion for years. It is the last element that is the key to the Golden Opportunity. These three conditions have never occurred before and will never occur again! That is why the timing of your participation needs to be now. As time goes by the competition will grow and grow. The time to stakeout your claim to world market share in NOW! Not next week, not next month, but NOW!

Ecommerce Trend
In a simple statement, the third element is “Pay-Online-With-CASH.™” This proprietary payment service is a PinPay development that changes everything in international eCommerce. I can assure you, this is huge! World Market reaches over 2.4 billion customers with access to view and buy your merchandise with CASH, instantly, from anywhere in the World. This has never been available before! It is clear to me, this cash payment service will change the total landscape of Global eCommerce and international trade.

Yes, eCommerce has been around since the 1990s, but until now there was no Pay-Online-With-CASH™ capability. Worldwide shoppers have been able to see your merchandise, but they had no effective way to pay for it. If they have an online credit payment capability and they are cross-border buyers, as a prudent eCommerce seller, you could not afford to accept their credit card payment. Accepting cross-border credit card payments come with an extremely high risk of financial fraud and chargeback losses.

I want you to think about these facts. All PinPay World Market sales are with hard cash. As the vendor, you receive immediate hard cash payment. The common financial risks of fraud from cross-border sales are gone. From the world buyer’s side, with the pre-fund PinPay cash account, the buyer can purchase merchandise from you or any vendor irrespective of the seller’s business location or the location of sales offices, warehouses or other facilities.

With Pay-Online-With-CASH™ all of the prior, financial payment restrictions to worldwide eCommerce have been removed. World Market addresses selling and payment and leaves with you the power and control product selection, pricing, sales program, fulfillment, shipping selections, refunds and customer services. World Market cross-border growth can be obtained with no capital investment and very little expense. Plus the service is safe, simple, economical and effective.

You now have the immediate power to capture this Golden Opportunity. As never before, timing is everything and the merger of these three forces will never happen again. As I have said: “Right-Time, Right-Place.” Come join us at the World Market Golden Table!