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Using Country Targeted SKU Pushing

Country Targeted SKU Pushing is the newest marketing technique to grow your online business

For those new to online sales, a SKU stands for "Stock Keeping Unit." It is the online sales product unique reference number or string of alpha and numeric characters that a vendor uses to uniquely identify a product. SKUs are often equal to part numbers, product numbers, and product identifiers. SKUs may be a universal number such as a UPC code, or supplier part number, or may be a unique identifier used by a store or online retailer to manage inventory.

I define Country Targeted SKU Pushing as a marketing and sales technique that identifies one or more of a vendor’s offered products. It can also identify which countries that use or could use these products. In setting up a SKU pushing program, you first need to research costs to assure that for each targeted country that your product pricing can cover the shipping and fulfillment costs while keeping the product price competitive.

Once you have successfully completed the research tasks, setup a promotional and marketing program to push those selected SKUs to the potential customers in selected countries. Country Target SKU Pushing can be by one country at a time, multiple countries, or even regions at the same time. The promotional program can focus on a single SKU number or multiple SKUs.

I recommend the promotional campaign use either a Move-It (Flash Sales) approach, a country based email promotion approach, a country or SKU based coupon discount approach, or any other new or established approach. The goal is focused and simple - grab market share in a new or existing country or region.

Country Targeted SKU Pushing is just one of the many ways World Market provides your business the tools, advanced technology and service to grow your business. One of the many Move It! support services World Market provides.

World Market offers your business Country Targeted SKU Pushing to 235 countries and territories. This service is offered without the need for you to obtain a local office or in-country business license. You do not need to qualify for and employ a country-based payment processing service, payment gateway, hosting services or address any of the other common business burdens. You have the ability to target and push one, or any number, of your products at the customers in any one or all of the 235 countries.