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The Consumer Need And Demand For Cross-Border Ecommerce Service

Consumers in all 235 countries and territories are showing strong demand for cross-border products

Cross border shopping
Studies show many eCommerce vendors cannot find payment services or delivery systems that support economic cross-border expansion. I have read the results of many studies on this issue. One study used an extensive independent mystery shopping exercise, where cross-border online shoppers tried to purchase a list of 100 popular products. The buys were for products like cameras, CDs, books, and clothes, all from a cross-border provider.

Over 11,000 online orders were attempted. The results found that 60% of cross-border transactions could not be completed by participating consumers because the selling vendor did not ship the product to the buyers’ country, or did not offer adequate means for cross-border payment. In one study the research team found that in all but two countries the odds of succeeding in a cross-border purchase was less than 50%.

I find the clear conclusion to all of these studies is: "We will not have an effective fully international Digital Economy until the obstructions to cross-border online product listing and payment transactions are resolved.”

The fact is we will not have a robust eCommerce based digital society until all of the barriers and obstructions are eliminated with delivery of the following:

1) A simple and universal set of cross-border selling and transaction rules for both vendors and consumers.

2) A simple and effective cross-border payment system without fraud.

3) An effective enforcement of the selling and transaction rules.

4) An easy to use, reliable and comprehensive shopping and buying experience for the cross-border consumer.

5) A comprehensive means for worldwide vendors to offer products to all 2.4 billion internet users and the over one million smartphone uses in all countries.

I always say: “Diligently seek a solution and one will become available.” The interesting fact is these studies, and their conclusions were made prior to the establishment of  World Market.

World Market has and does very effectively and very successfully fulfill these five requirements. World Market gives each vendor and each shopper a superior cross-border shopping experience. Plus, World Market provides a unique, secure and simple worldwide “Pay-Online-With-CASH™” service that addresses all of the cross-border payment needs with a fraud-free cash based payment service.

Using Targeted E-coupons to Expand Online Sales

Using targeted discount e-coupons to extend your products into new cross-broader markets

Targeted test marketing
I always say: “Would you attempt this if you knew you could not fail? You know that your business’s need to expand into new cross-border markets. You know this is required to grow your sales. But knowing and doing are quite different. You need to analyze the new markets and collect reliable data to assist you in making decisions as to which countries offer the best return on the capital and resources needed to pursue business expansion.

The internet offers many sources for collecting marketing data and facts. Given all of these facts and opinions, how do you test the potential of each new market? How do you convert these general facts into reliable data as to each of your products and as to each new potential expansion country or region of the world?

One answer is to issue “Targeted e-Discount Coupons.”

What is a targeted e-Discount Coupon and how does it provide the accurate hard data you need to make cross-boarder expansion decisions?

A Targeted e-Discount Coupon is an electronic representation of a purchase discount that can be delivered by any electronic means. Commonly delivery is by:

Facebook post
Twitter message
Text message
Social network post
Online advertisement
Online store posting
Online customer shopping account post

A Targeted e- Discount Coupon is usually very specific as to one or more of the controlled parameters. The targeting is used and directed at refining and controlling the distribution to selective customers addressing a targeted set of products. Commonly these controlling parameters include:

Categories of Products
Dates and Times
Customers’ Physical Location
Customers’ Buying Interest
Customers’ Shopping Patterns
Customers’ e-Store Browsing Patterns
Customers’ Web Browsing Interest
Customers’ Sex, Age, Height, Size
Customers’ Religion
Customers’ Nationality
Other Descriptors or Specialties

Given that you need and desire to utilize the benefits offered by a Targeted e- Discount Coupon, what is required?

The first requirement is to select an eCommerce service that provides you with the features needed to perform market testing using a Targeted e- Discount Coupon. You need the capability and flexibility to issue Targeted e-Discount Coupons, to manage your target market analysis effort, and to track the performance of your Targeted e- Discount Coupon test market program.

World Market offers you all of these needed important features, plus more. It offers this service at low cost and simplicity, with no long term commitments. You can target almost any country or region in the world and select any products you could offer.

The second requirement is to construct one or more product and country based test marketing programs. In structuring these test market programs, select from one to ten of your products. For each product selected, pick from one to ten countries that you expect the consumers will accept and desire that product. Thereafter, select any other of the above listed controlling parameters you desire.

Sample test plan using Targeted e-Discount Coupon programs- with product and term controls:

Product Based Example: This targeted e-Discount Coupon applies to orders, which contain one or more vendor products. The discount is applied once per order (or for each purchased product). The discount amount is either dollars off or a percent of price off, good until (date), and other conditions may apply.

Category Based Example: This targeted e-gift Discount Coupon applies to orders, which contain one or more categories (or 1 or more product subcategories).

Targeted e- Discount Coupon distribution control- samples:

Define the text, images and layout of the distributed coupon message or notice.

Define the e-delivery method(s) and any restrictions.

These tasks are not hard and do not require significant resources to implement. Just sign-up to become a vendor at World Market, load your product descriptions images and special offer, then easily set up your Targeted e-Discount Coupon program.

Thereafter distribute your new Targeted e-Discount Coupons. Zip, Zap, Zoom your cross-broader market testing program is underway! You have expanded your product market footprint and growth is on the way!

I know the prospect of selling internationally can be both exciting and intimidating, but you have the benefits World Market. We designed a superior ecommerce service to exactly fit your marketing and global expansion needs. We make it easy to join and sell worldwide. I assure you no one else can provide you with these great online marketing sales services at these prices.

The Overstocked Approach To Increased Sales

Overstocked Marketing is an excellent approach to commencing cross-boarder market expansion

Some retailers are solely in the overstocked sales business. They buy overstock items from many sources and resell to the public. Other retailers use overstock sales as a means of moving products off of their warehouse shelves. Moving the product can be by special pricing, discount coupons, special sales programs or other techniques.

Marketing Strategy
Just because eCommerce sales do not incur the overhead costs of a store front or a street display window, does not change the core purpose of making money in retail sales. A retail sales business makes money on each item sold to the consumer, not on the number of pictures that can be displayed at an eCommerce store.

Always remember to Move It!. Some cash flow today, on many sales, is much better than a few sales over a long period of time.

In addition to the “Move It – Move It – Move It!” rule, there is another fundamental rule to sales and revenue growth in eCommerce. That rule is: “Always go after and hang onto the largest customer base you can.” The larger your customer base the higher the probability of a sale and the greater probability of increased revenues and year-to-year growth.

There are many ways to gain access to a large customer base. Once you gain the base the more distributions channels you have to get to those customers the better. That is why you need to consider adding World Market to your marketing and sales program.

No one else can bring you online cash paying viewers from over 235 countries and territories, covering up to 2.4 billion internet users and one billion smartphone users! That is an enormous accessible market for you to establish a customer base.


Creating And Maintaining Loyal Online Customers

Six steps to creating and maintaining a loyal online customer  base

Do you want your business to be just a flash in the pan; or are you in business  to establish a sound and solid cash flow generating operation for the long term?  

Money and true wealth is made from the business that can build and maintain an ever expanding loyal customer base.  That is what buyers of businesses look for, and what they will pay dearly for.  How do you do that?  Is there a trick and what is it?

In the online world, the trick is to understand and follow a few fundamental rules.  These rules are not complicated or burdensome.  But they must be continually pursued with dedication and resolve.

I always say: “Speak with deeds and few words will be required.”  Here are the six key deeds or rules.  The order of presentation is not an order of priority, each is equally important.  However, all products and all businesses are not created and operated equal.  Therefore, some businesses may find it easier to accomplish some of the tasks and the resources commitments can vary per rule and task.  The compliance with these six rules or tasks bring about customer loyalty.  There are a number of definitions of customer loyalty.  My definition is simple: a customer you can count upon for the three R's: Repeat sales, Repeat referrals and Resounding testimonials. 

1] Customer Responsiveness – be timely in your response to customer questions, issues and concerns.  I do not mean that the customer is always right.  I mean timely respond to their contact with you and make it easy for them to contact you. 

One of the leading ways to destroy a loyal customer and a positive relationship is to not allow them to be heard.  Allow them to communicate with you and thereafter timely respond.  The customer may not be pleased with your response, but they are much less likely to bad month you and your products, if you listen and timely respond.

2] Customer Fairness – is a business philosophy that must encompass both product pricing and business attitude.  The most important factor is to provide the customer with value.  For a large portion of ecommerce shoppers pricing is a high factor in the decision to pick one vendor over another.  So for many customers the closer you can be to the lowest price for your produce the better.

Remember in the eCommerce community you are not competing with just the local store owner in town.  You are facing many, many competitive businesses operating from all over the world.  So be competitive, both in price and service.  Offer all kinds of sales, and special deals.  Use them to make your potential customers know you, and your value priced products.  Pricing and sales offers should focus on moving product- Move it!   Always remember; Move It!.  Some cash flow today, on many sales, is much better than a few sales over a long period of time.

3] Quick Packaging and Shipment – in the eCommerce industry there are two very important considerations: price and delivery time.  Since they were a small child, today’s consumer have been conditioned to want and need instant gratification.  That means the quicker you can deliver the purchased product the better.  Be honest with the customer about delivery times, but be quick as well.  Let them know if a delay has occurred and why.  Delivery status communications is important.

4] Reliable Products – sell and delver products you have tested, and are proud to offer.  Loyalty is based upon a good quality product at a fair price.  You also keep customer loyalty by the appropriate refunds and replacement of defective products.  However, refunds and replacements are not what you want to have occurring if you intend to make a profit and stay in business.  Do it right the first time.

5] Product-Customer Matching - match potential customers to the specific product that fits their need.  Use the product image and the descriptive text of the listing to convey accurate and complete information about the product.  Help the customer correctly select the product they want or need.  Help them make sure, before they purchase your product, that it is the correct part they need, the right size to fit their need, the color or shape they need.  Customers will respect you, and come back next time they need something you offer, if you tell them, sorry I cannot supply what you are seeking.  Remember, refunds and replacements are not what you want to have occurring if you intend to make a profit and stay in business.

I know of one instant where the image/picture shown was incorrect.  The buyer saw it and made a purchase based upon the image.  The delivered product was not what the picture showed.  The product was returned and a refund provided.  The vendor lost on the return and refund costs.  But more importantly, the buyer was very displeased at the misrepresentation and has stated, he will never buy another product from that vendor.

Bad or poor product descriptions and incorrect product images; both can cause a new customer to not become a loyal customer.  They can also destroy your existing relationship with an established loyal customer.  Review carefully your product pictures and descriptions before you post them. 

6] Continually Expanding – As your loyal customer base grows, they will provide you with referrals.  No matter which country these referred parties reside in, you should diligently attempt to serve them and cater to them.  These referrals are not only potentially new loyal customers for your business, your failure to address the needs of a referral can cause a negative impact on your existing loyal customer.

Referrals can be a low cost, highly effective approach to cross boarder market expansion.

Pursuing Online Sales Of Gold, Precious Metals and Jewelry

Elimination of payment fraud opens gold, precious metals, precious stones and jewelry to online sales

I know of many merchants and vendors who totally refuse to sell any gold, silver, precious metals, precious stones or jewelry online. These merchants know that purchaser payment fraud in the online sales of these products is very, very large. Fraud losses in the range of 15% to 30% annually are not uncommon and in some developing countries the fraud losses can exceed 50% of sales.

To sustain business operations under these levels of fraud loss, the seller’s markup in price needs to be significant. The conclusion, in my opinion, and the opinion of many precious and stone vendors, has been to stay away from online sales until the fraud loss risks are greatly reduced or eliminated.

In some selective countries with good electronic driven verification data sources, some online merchants have found procedures and verification techniques that have reduced these online payment fraud loss rates. But the rates jump to the 15% to 50% levels if a merchant tries to expand into the global market place. We all know that global expansion is where the sales growth is, but how to get there without huge and unacceptable losses, is the issue.
Fraud Loss

A technology leader in eCommerce services, with the proprietary “Pay-Online-With-CASH™” service has solved the loss problem. You need to consider using this new technology as a pathway to higher revenues and stronger growth without credit card fraud!”

With this advanced World Market eCommerce facility and the superior cash payment technology, most of your actual and potential business fraud losses and fraud prevention costs can be eliminated.

Using this secure, proprietary payment technology, “Pay-Online-With-CASH,” you receive true cash paying customers from all over the world. Not credit card payers, with revocability and charge backs, but true cash customers. I can assure you, cash payers are the very best kind of buyers.

No one else can bring the gold, precious medals and jewelry industry cash paying customers from over 235 countries and territories, covering up to 2.4 billion internet users and one billion smartphone users. That is an enormous expanded market for your business!


You Are Missing Out On 85% Of The World’s Sales Transactions

MasterCard reports that 85% of the world’s payment transactions are made with Cash- Now your business can capture the online cash-based sales

I want you to know, this Master Card admission is BIG, this is very BIG! You need to grasps the magnitude and impact of this fact, and factor this data into your current business planning, market strategies and operations. 

Ecommerce Market Limitations
Payments.com recently reported on data presented by MasterCard executives, who stated 85% of the world's payment transactions are completed in CASH. This is not limited to the developing countries, this is the whole world.

Because all online sales payments are currently credit-card payments, this fact means any and all of your online store, and all of your current eCommerce sales activities, are limited to servicing just 15% of the world’s payment transactions. You can only service 15% of the world’s potential online customers. Your online sales store is using the conventional, standard credit-based eCommerce service, where all online payments are made and accepted by credit card. You have to use these credit based services because, until now, there was no alternative.

Given this 15% limitation or cap on your potential customer base, you can spend all you like on advertising, website re-design, marketing promotions, search engine optimization, and any other thing you would like to pursue to improve your sales, but you are only able to access 15% of the world’s potential online customers. You and your competitors, and all other online vendors, are all fighting for that 15% of the total 2.4 billion online customer base.

As a user of the conventional, standard credit based eCommerce shopping carts, gateways and credit payment processing services, you have no way, “None Whatsoever,” to ever access the un-tapped, un-serviced cash transaction purchases which take places every day. You are currently barred from selling online to 85% of the world’s customers.

Would you like to gain these cash-paying shoppers as loyal repeat customers? Would you like to grab early market share of these 85% cash buyer transactions before you competitors even know that there is now a secure, effective, and safe way to make these cash buyers your loyal online customers?

Can you act before your competitors learn you are already gaining market share and selling your products to these cash transaction buyers of the world? These un-tapped and under-serviced cash transaction buyers, the currently un-serviced 85%, which are estimated to be about 2 billion individuals and businesses worldwide.

Service all market rule
Here are a few samples analysis for you to consider. How about if just 1% of these 2 billion cash buyers became repeat customers of yours? Would you be happy with 20 million of these new online “Pay-Online-With-CASH™ customers? How about if just ½ of 1%, that is 10 million, become your new loyal customers?

I call this massive sales growth opportunity the “Service All 100% Rule.” Now do you understand- This is BIG, this is very BIG!

I think you realize that unless you start using World Market with Pay-Online-With-CASH™ to access these un-serviced online cash buyers, you will never convert any of the existing 2 billion cash buyers to be your customers. Furthermore, the longer you delay in joining and using World Market to reach these overlooked customers, the more potential sales and earning you lose.

Also, consider by delaying, you give your competitors more time to use World Market to establish their band over yours, and to capture market share. I believe once your competitors grab hold of these un-tapped and under-serviced cash transaction buyers, and turn them into their loyal customers, you will pay dearly to break them lose.

The safe, simple and effective solution is to immediately join World Market. Start with a small, selective product list, and from these pilot sales learn how to maximize World Market capabilities for your products, your markets and your success.

You do not need to change anything you are already doing in your current online sales activities. There are no significant capital expenditures required, and very little needed in resource and manpower commitments. Plus, you control the products offered, the product pricing, the customer market selection, the marketing strategy and approach, the market expansion timing, the resources commitments, the sales fulfillment, shipping decisions and customer service.

World Market is providing many local and national Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers (“vendors”) in nearly all countries with a safe and simple to use pathway to increased eCommerce sales and revenues. Whether you are seeking sales in the existing 15% market, or the huge, un-tapped and under-serviced 85% market- join us and we can provide your business a clear path to growth using cross-country, cross-border and global markets.

Using All Media to Promote Your Products Online

Maximize exposure and use all Media to promote your products online

Membership and participation in social networks continues to grow daily. Although many use these networks solely for personal communication, these personal communications also naturally include commercial communications.

Using a social network to refer a friend to visit an eCommerce website is commercial communications. The referring party becomes a surrogate promotional agent for the commercial vendor. When a social network is used to show a friend the picture or description of an item being purchased or considered for purchase online, the showing party is performing commercial communications.

The same is true of Blogs. A Blog is operated to convey opinions and news to family and friends. It becomes a commercial communications source when any form of product review, discussion, or presentation occurs.

The point is that the online social community often makes private communications into a public broadcast. Therefore, any reference to a commercial product or service becomes a commercial communications whether intended or not. The sender becomes an intended or unintended promoter of positive or negative message.

Given these facts about social networks and Blogs, every vendor needs to actively address creating a “positive product promoters” and a social media broadcaster. How does an online vendor create an army of positive broadcasters? How do vendors minimize the potential for negative broadcasts?

The answer is for the vendor business to address each of the six topics presented in other World Market provided marketing blogs. Those topics include:

Customer Responsiveness
Customer Fairness
Quick Packaging and Shipment
Reliable Products
Product-Customer Matching
Continually Expanding

In addition, add the topic of: Customer and Public Relations, topic number seven. It includes the “marketing” of your products, your brand and your business image.

The failure to address the first six topics will guarantee your failure in obtaining successful results in your marketing efforts. But success at performing the first six topics does not assure success of topic number seven.

Marketing needs to be an ongoing process. This topic needs a specific commitment of management and resources. A portion of this effort should be directed at advertising your product and another portion at stimulating positive communications in the social network communities.

Successful online marketing is not just maintaining a good website. Success requires you make an influence across the entire Internet spectrum. Maybe two in every five visits to your product or site comes from a search engine, while other key consumer drivers to your products are the social media platforms and Blogs. Both are rapidly evolving in terms of their relevance to online marketing and sales.

To assist your business in these efforts, World Market offers many promotional, marketing and advertising opportunities, which are directly viewable by World Market shoppers and visitors.

I always say: “Broadcast out a quality marketing message and people will find the way.”

Customer Responsiveness

We welcome the opportunity to help you grow and sell products online. To learn more about international marketing and selling, continue to monitor this Blog, and review the relevant prior Blog posts. 

The Low Price Leader Approach to Increased Sales

The low price leader approach to online sale

Low price leader
Price is a key factor in many sales decisions: being the low price leader, and servicing the “I-Paid-Less,” and the “I-Bought-It-On-Sale” market always captures sales.

For many customers, the purchase price is the only determining factor to the buy selection process. In many buying decisions the buyer knows before shopping exactly what they want to buy. The only question is, who offers the product at the lowest price? The buyer knows what he wants because he is: (a) replacing an item he already has and loves, or (b) a family member or friend has the item and the buyer must have one too. In these instances, you can become the seller by being the lowest priced supplier.

For a large segment of the low price customer market there is another important factor. It is the need and obsession to be able to claim “I-Paid-Less.” It could be one cent less, but it is a real life “I Beat You-Game.” This type of buyer (game player) wants to be, and he may go to great lengths to claim, he is the winner of the low price game. I call it the “I-Paid-Less” marketing strategy. Again, with this group of buyers, you can become the seller by being the lowest priced suppler.

There is another similar, but slightly different, group of consumers that has a great need to claim to friends and family: “I-Bough-It-On-Sale.” It is another form of the real life shopping game -- “I got a great deal and paid much less that retail!” Many shoppers to will buy items they do not need or even want just to be able to make the claim: “I beat the system.”

There are at least two types of images that can be used to sell to these low price shoppers or “Bargain Shoppers.” A business can choose to use either one or both of these “Low-Price” market strategies.

Low Price Leader Image
The “Low Price Leader” is a market strategy based upon you constantly monitoring all your competitors’ pricing, and constantly adjusting your pricing to assure you are offering the product at the lowest price of anyone in the eCommerce market place. It may only be one cent less, but you are clearly the lowest.

Many buyers use online product price search engines or online product price compassion services. Using the low price leader marketing strategy, your product will come up at the very top of the list. With the Low Price Leader strategy, you will get the shoppers full attention because your product is at the top of the search results list.

Some vendors' Low Price Leader image is based upon the total price the buyer needs to pay including shipping. Other vendors limit the “lowest price” definition to be the product price and do not address taxes or shipping.

Using either approach, low pricing will get your band and your low priced product into the viewing window of many, many buyers, in quick order. It requires time and resources to monitor the competitors and to rapidly adjust prices and stay on top of the game. But in the eCommerce market place, where product search engines can bring all of the world vendor’s products and pricing to the eCommerce shopper within seconds, you have the power at anytime to be at the top of the search results list with the lowest priced product.

Great Sales Image
The Great Sales market strategy is different than the Low Price Leader Image. In this strategy you are known as a quality vendor, and sell quality products at a fair price. To this known image, is the consumer’s knowledge that you often have sales, and when you have a sale the buyer gets Great Value at a lower price. Your sale prices may not be the lowest price on the Internet, but that’s ok because it is low price, at a Good Value.

Commonly, this market strategy is implemented using special sales pricing for a short time. Examples are: The “one-day-sale,” “the 48 hour sale,” “the labor day sales event,” the “Flash Sale,” or any type of sale for any reason. The other approach is to issue short term discount coupons and other discounts.

Whatever sales techniques you chose, your ultimate success is based upon one very important factor- it must sell! You must remember, “Move It!” Product listing pictures and descriptions do not bring revenues to your business, only purchases by real buyers bring revenues.

I recall a favorite saying of my father: “Out of Sight is Soon Out of Mind.” If potential buyers do not know you are offering them the item they are seeking, you will never sell it to them. Therefore, get it in front of them. Make sure your market of potential customers is actually aware of your product.

There are a number of ways to gain access to a large customer base. However, in general, the more distributions channels you have to get your product recognized by potential buyers, the better. That is why you need to consider adding World Market to your marketing and sales program.

No one else can bring you online cash paying viewers from over 235 countries and territories, covering up to 2.4 billion internet users and one billion smartphone users! That is an enormous expanded market for your business.

To learn more about the “I-Paid-Less” and the “I-Bought-It-On-Sale” market, continue to monitor this Blog and visit the World Market websites.


Successful Sales To Low Population and Low Sales Volume Countries

You can now profit from selling to Low Population and Low Sales Volume (LPLSV) countries

Sell everywhere
Over the decades of experience, education and observation, I learned one of the well established rules of the eCommerce industry – “Do not waste your time or resources selling to, or marketing in, a country or territory that has a small population, low eCommerce sales volume, or a small internet user population" (LPLSV). The industry belief is that it does not make any economic or business sense to service LPLSV customers.

That was, and still is, a very good rule for the conventional, standard credit based eCommerce business where online payments are made and accepted by credit card. With credit based eCommerce service providers, the merchant incurs fraud prevention liabilities and costs. One learns that fraud losses can be high, and credit based payment service costs are high. The only means I know for a merchant to offset these high costs and the high payment service fees was, and is, to have and maintain high sales volumes. These low population, low sales volume countries and territories do not support high sales volumes therefore, they are to be avoided, when using the standard credit based eCommerce system.

Cash based online payment
Using World Market with Pay-Online-With-CASH™ the old “avoid LPLSVs” rule and those statement LPLSVs are no longer valid. By using World Market as the pathway to adding LPLSV customers to your online sales, the rules are changed and reversed in your favor. There is no need for high fraud prevention costs, there are no charge backs, fraud losses, and there are no credit risks that require high payment service costs.

All sales  transactions at World Market is in irreversible cash. I want to instill in your mind the major difference World Market is the new technology that is vendor friendly. It’s a “cash” based eCommerce service. It uses a totally new and independent system that does not use or rely upon credit-based eCommerce because credit card payment puts all the risk of loss on you, the vendor.

Using World Market you can NOW sell to, market to, and profit from all of the customers in low population, low sales volume and small internet user population countries and territories. World Market has a new fundamental rule: “Sell everywhere to everyone. Profits are obtainable everywhere, be creative and be successful!”

From all of the many years I have been associated with the eCommerce and online payments industry, I can assure you that direct, non-fraud and low cost access to the LPLSV market is BIG…a very BIG opportunity!

Would you like to gain LPLSV residents and businesses as customers? Would you like to grab early market share of these many millions of LPLSV buyers, before your competitors even knows that there is now a secure, effective and safe way to make these buyers your online customers? Act now and assume when your competition learns of his opportunity you will already have gained market share and be busy selling your products to these LPLSV buyers.

Note that the longer you delay in joining and using World Market to reach these customers, the more potential sales and earning you lose. Plus each day of delay is more time you give your competitors to use World Market to establish their band over yours and to capture market share. Once your competitors grab hold of these un-serviced and under-serviced buyers, and turn them into loyal customers, you will pay dearly to break them lose.

The safe, simple and effective solution is to join World Market NOW. Start with a small, selective product list and from these pilot sales learn how to maximize World Market capabilities on your products, your markets and your success.

You do not need to change anything you are already doing in your current online sales activities. There are no capital expenditures required, and very little needed in resource and manpower commitments. Plus, you control the products offered, the product pricing, the customer market selection, the marketing strategy and approach, the market expansion timing, the resources commitments, the sales fulfillment, shipping decisions and customer service.

World Market is providing many local and national retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers (“vendors”) in nearly all countries, a safe and simple to use pathway to increased eCommerce sales and revenues. Whether you are seeking sales in the developed countries, the emerging countries or the LPLSV - join us and we can provide your business a clear path to growth and cross-country, cross-border and global success.


Using Focused Market Expansion

Using Focused Market Expansion with the power of World Market

I want you to consider trying Focused Market Expansion in a pilot sales program. Focused Market Expansion is a marketing strategy that allows you to select and pursue “target markets” at a pace and timing that fits your specific business needs, resources, and growth plans. You can focus on one country, one city, one region or many cities, countries, and regions of the world. You set the plan for your expansion and use World Market and the many marketing tools it offers to implement your Focused Market Expansion program.

Market expansion can be visualized as a mountain that must be overcome. It’s a challenge, but combining the World Market eCommerce services with the great proprietary technology of “Pay-Online-With-CASH”™ I think you will find that crossing over the visualized mountain that is stopping you from pursuing cross-border eCommerce business is now an achievable objective… Maybe even a piece of cake!

One of the first tasks in establishing your market strategy is to select candidate cities, countries, regions, and collect the basic data required to make an informed decision and commitment on pursuit of this expansion, or the dismissing the selected potential expansion location, and moving on to another locational opportunity.

The internet is a leading source for supplying the data you need to assist in the where, who and how decision process. This evaluation process is done for each product you sell and the out come (cities, countries or regions) you select for one product may be completely different for the second or third product you market and sell.

To aid in the market strategy development and focused market selection process, I suggest you utilize the World Market Status Tags for each city, country or region you are considering, for each of the products for which you are developing a Focused Market Expansion program.

I have established six unique World Market Status Tags. In general, white represents the degree of the total market that is open to a high degree of penetration by the vendor’s market strategy, and the yellow code is for unavailable or a product saturation level or restriction that will limit the vendor gaining significant market share.

That means the more white on the indicator the better. Notice the market saturated symbol has some white with the yellow. That means that although there is likely strong competition in the market and little room for more growth, a vendor is not forbidden or excluded from entering the market, or if the vendor is already in the market to obtain some degree of growth.

Market Expansion
Amazing Market – This is a market where the need and demand is very high, there are no known restrictions or regulations to overcome, and the government desires your products be made available to its citizens. It is a market opportunity where your product could go viral and receive great word-of-month promotion and buzz. It is a market location where little or no advertising will be required to experience large or even huge sales volumes and earnings. It is a market where pricing, including the costs for fulfillment, shipping and delivery is very acceptable to the local consumers and there is little or no competition.

Excellent Market – Is a market in which there are no known, or there are very few, competitors and there is clearly strong need for, and consumer desire for the vendor’s product. Because World Market with “Pay-Online-With-CASH”™ is opening many developing countries to eCommerce shopping and buying opportunities, by using World Market to reach these newly arising markets, the vendor will find many opportunities to classify a country or region as excellent. There will be little or no competitors and a need for the product that can now be filled by using World Market eCommerce services and “Pay-Online-With-CASH”™. The same country may be an Excellent Market for one of one specific product and only a Good Market, or even a Bad Market, for another product.

Great Market – Is best described as a market in-between good and excellent. Likely one will find some competition, and the product will require some promotion to support a continuing year-to-year growth pattern. But the market analysis results indicate, that in the current economical and political environment, the pursuit of this market will bring a great return-on-investment (ROI) for the foreseeable future. It is the kind of market every business dreams of holding a large market share.

Good Market – It is a market with the opportunity for growth and good return on investment (ROI). There are competitors, or other factors that will require attention and an effort will be required to assure a successful capture of a small but reasonable share of the market. Product promotion will be required at entry of the market and usually must continue for some period of time. This effort is needed to create product and vendor brand awareness.

Market Saturation – This status tag is not a STOP sign. It means the market is an acceptable market, but there is strong competition and it has limited future growth potential for the product. This may be the status tag for the market or markets the vendor is currently servicing. Commonly, Market Saturation occurs in a mature market.

Bad Market – This is a market that is not good for a specific product. It may be a great market for some of the other products the vendor offers, but not this one. It may not be an acceptable market due to local buying habits of customs, low cost local competition, government restrictions or regulations, local consumer preferences, costs of fulfillment, shipping and delivery, or other reasons. This is the status tag that says do NOT spend time, capital or resources in selling this product into this market. It means the return on investment (ROI) is not there. This market may open up sometime in the future, but not now.

World Market with “Pay-Online-With-CASH”™ has opened many countries to eCommerce shopping and buying opportunities. By using World Market you can now establish marketing strategies to reach these markets in one or all of the 235 countries and territories, the many 1,000s of cities and regions, and over 2.4 billion customers that are serviced by World Market. Now you can prepare a viable and effective eCommerce market strategy, enjoy sales growth and capture market share, in new and formally un-serviced markets for your products.

I recommend the use of these status tags and your review of many potential markets with each of your products. World Market addresses selling and payment, and leaves with you the power and control to establish and implement your own market strategies for each product, to address pricing, sales programs, fulfillment, shipping selections, refunds and customer services. World Market cross-border growth can be obtained with little or no capital investment and very little expense. Plus the service is safe, simple, economical and effective.

In Retail- SEX Makes A Difference

SEX makes a difference- USE it wisely!

Gender and online shopping

I always say: “Most women are wiser than men, they just keep it to themselves.” What do you think? Am I correct?

I read an independent study that found women to be more satisfied than men when buying online. That conclusion may still be accurate for some online stores, but at World Market men are working hard to catching up.

One study found that women displayed stronger shopping loyalty to specific eCommerce sites. The factors measured included: website design, ease of use, the product range, price levels, payment method, shipping options, and delivery time. Their satisfaction meant more return shopping visits to the vendor and more repeat buys.

“Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.”

In eCommerce marketing and selling, there is some truth to that statement. Studies have shown that men tend to shop online in a more goal-driven manner than women. By goal-driven I mean men tend to inform themselves via search engines or comparison-shopping sites before buying. In contrast, women are more often inspired by images and product descriptions. They also rely more on the recommendations of friends. Recommendations play a greater role for women, in general. What does this mean to you as an online vendor? How do you use this market intelligence? To grow your company you should consider addressing the needs and trends of both sexes. When posting products consider a few things:

1] Images - Post an accurate and descriptive picture of your product or service. If you can’t obtain a photograph, create an image or illustration. The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” remains true. Figure out for each product or service an image that speaks at least 500 words.

2] Descriptions - Post an accurate, concise, easy to read and understand, description of your product or service.

3] Pricing - Make sure the base price of your product gives your customer great value and in the product description text make that point clear. If your product is not the lowest priced compared to a competitor, use the product description to explain why yours is the better product, and worth the extra money.

4] Special Deals - To really close the sale, offer a short-term sale, discount coupon, or Targeted e-gift card. Use special pricing to get the customer to know they are special and create a sense of urgency. They need to make the purchase NOW, not tomorrow or next week!

5] Customer Service - Follow up each sale with quick shipment and quality customer service. This is the key to getting the referral you need to capture new buyers via referral.

With these five points you can strongly appeal to both men, who love to research a purchase, and women, who carefully consider images and descriptions, and are influenced by referrals from friends.

We welcome the opportunity to help you grow and sell to both men and women. To learn more about international marketing and selling, and growing your business globally, continue to monitor this Blog, review the relevant prior Blog posts and visit the World Market Support Center.

Gender and customer loyalty