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Successful Sales To Low Population and Low Sales Volume Countries

You can now profit from selling to Low Population and Low Sales Volume (LPLSV) countries

Sell everywhere
Over the decades of experience, education and observation, I learned one of the well established rules of the eCommerce industry – “Do not waste your time or resources selling to, or marketing in, a country or territory that has a small population, low eCommerce sales volume, or a small internet user population" (LPLSV). The industry belief is that it does not make any economic or business sense to service LPLSV customers.

That was, and still is, a very good rule for the conventional, standard credit based eCommerce business where online payments are made and accepted by credit card. With credit based eCommerce service providers, the merchant incurs fraud prevention liabilities and costs. One learns that fraud losses can be high, and credit based payment service costs are high. The only means I know for a merchant to offset these high costs and the high payment service fees was, and is, to have and maintain high sales volumes. These low population, low sales volume countries and territories do not support high sales volumes therefore, they are to be avoided, when using the standard credit based eCommerce system.

Cash based online payment
Using World Market with Pay-Online-With-CASH™ the old “avoid LPLSVs” rule and those statement LPLSVs are no longer valid. By using World Market as the pathway to adding LPLSV customers to your online sales, the rules are changed and reversed in your favor. There is no need for high fraud prevention costs, there are no charge backs, fraud losses, and there are no credit risks that require high payment service costs.

All sales  transactions at World Market is in irreversible cash. I want to instill in your mind the major difference World Market is the new technology that is vendor friendly. It’s a “cash” based eCommerce service. It uses a totally new and independent system that does not use or rely upon credit-based eCommerce because credit card payment puts all the risk of loss on you, the vendor.

Using World Market you can NOW sell to, market to, and profit from all of the customers in low population, low sales volume and small internet user population countries and territories. World Market has a new fundamental rule: “Sell everywhere to everyone. Profits are obtainable everywhere, be creative and be successful!”

From all of the many years I have been associated with the eCommerce and online payments industry, I can assure you that direct, non-fraud and low cost access to the LPLSV market is BIG…a very BIG opportunity!

Would you like to gain LPLSV residents and businesses as customers? Would you like to grab early market share of these many millions of LPLSV buyers, before your competitors even knows that there is now a secure, effective and safe way to make these buyers your online customers? Act now and assume when your competition learns of his opportunity you will already have gained market share and be busy selling your products to these LPLSV buyers.

Note that the longer you delay in joining and using World Market to reach these customers, the more potential sales and earning you lose. Plus each day of delay is more time you give your competitors to use World Market to establish their band over yours and to capture market share. Once your competitors grab hold of these un-serviced and under-serviced buyers, and turn them into loyal customers, you will pay dearly to break them lose.

The safe, simple and effective solution is to join World Market NOW. Start with a small, selective product list and from these pilot sales learn how to maximize World Market capabilities on your products, your markets and your success.

You do not need to change anything you are already doing in your current online sales activities. There are no capital expenditures required, and very little needed in resource and manpower commitments. Plus, you control the products offered, the product pricing, the customer market selection, the marketing strategy and approach, the market expansion timing, the resources commitments, the sales fulfillment, shipping decisions and customer service.

World Market is providing many local and national retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers (“vendors”) in nearly all countries, a safe and simple to use pathway to increased eCommerce sales and revenues. Whether you are seeking sales in the developed countries, the emerging countries or the LPLSV - join us and we can provide your business a clear path to growth and cross-country, cross-border and global success.