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The Consumer Need And Demand For Cross-Border Ecommerce Service

Consumers in all 235 countries and territories are showing strong demand for cross-border products

Cross border shopping
Studies show many eCommerce vendors cannot find payment services or delivery systems that support economic cross-border expansion. I have read the results of many studies on this issue. One study used an extensive independent mystery shopping exercise, where cross-border online shoppers tried to purchase a list of 100 popular products. The buys were for products like cameras, CDs, books, and clothes, all from a cross-border provider.

Over 11,000 online orders were attempted. The results found that 60% of cross-border transactions could not be completed by participating consumers because the selling vendor did not ship the product to the buyers’ country, or did not offer adequate means for cross-border payment. In one study the research team found that in all but two countries the odds of succeeding in a cross-border purchase was less than 50%.

I find the clear conclusion to all of these studies is: "We will not have an effective fully international Digital Economy until the obstructions to cross-border online product listing and payment transactions are resolved.”

The fact is we will not have a robust eCommerce based digital society until all of the barriers and obstructions are eliminated with delivery of the following:

1) A simple and universal set of cross-border selling and transaction rules for both vendors and consumers.

2) A simple and effective cross-border payment system without fraud.

3) An effective enforcement of the selling and transaction rules.

4) An easy to use, reliable and comprehensive shopping and buying experience for the cross-border consumer.

5) A comprehensive means for worldwide vendors to offer products to all 2.4 billion internet users and the over one million smartphone uses in all countries.

I always say: “Diligently seek a solution and one will become available.” The interesting fact is these studies, and their conclusions were made prior to the establishment of  World Market.

World Market has and does very effectively and very successfully fulfill these five requirements. World Market gives each vendor and each shopper a superior cross-border shopping experience. Plus, World Market provides a unique, secure and simple worldwide “Pay-Online-With-CASH™” service that addresses all of the cross-border payment needs with a fraud-free cash based payment service.