Dr. Glenn Gearhart CEO of World Market Vendor Services, Inc. provides News and Commentary

The Overstocked Approach To Increased Sales

Overstocked Marketing is an excellent approach to commencing cross-boarder market expansion

Some retailers are solely in the overstocked sales business. They buy overstock items from many sources and resell to the public. Other retailers use overstock sales as a means of moving products off of their warehouse shelves. Moving the product can be by special pricing, discount coupons, special sales programs or other techniques.

Marketing Strategy
Just because eCommerce sales do not incur the overhead costs of a store front or a street display window, does not change the core purpose of making money in retail sales. A retail sales business makes money on each item sold to the consumer, not on the number of pictures that can be displayed at an eCommerce store.

Always remember to Move It!. Some cash flow today, on many sales, is much better than a few sales over a long period of time.

In addition to the “Move It – Move It – Move It!” rule, there is another fundamental rule to sales and revenue growth in eCommerce. That rule is: “Always go after and hang onto the largest customer base you can.” The larger your customer base the higher the probability of a sale and the greater probability of increased revenues and year-to-year growth.

There are many ways to gain access to a large customer base. Once you gain the base the more distributions channels you have to get to those customers the better. That is why you need to consider adding World Market to your marketing and sales program.

No one else can bring you online cash paying viewers from over 235 countries and territories, covering up to 2.4 billion internet users and one billion smartphone users! That is an enormous accessible market for you to establish a customer base.