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Using All Media to Promote Your Products Online

Maximize exposure and use all Media to promote your products online

Membership and participation in social networks continues to grow daily. Although many use these networks solely for personal communication, these personal communications also naturally include commercial communications.

Using a social network to refer a friend to visit an eCommerce website is commercial communications. The referring party becomes a surrogate promotional agent for the commercial vendor. When a social network is used to show a friend the picture or description of an item being purchased or considered for purchase online, the showing party is performing commercial communications.

The same is true of Blogs. A Blog is operated to convey opinions and news to family and friends. It becomes a commercial communications source when any form of product review, discussion, or presentation occurs.

The point is that the online social community often makes private communications into a public broadcast. Therefore, any reference to a commercial product or service becomes a commercial communications whether intended or not. The sender becomes an intended or unintended promoter of positive or negative message.

Given these facts about social networks and Blogs, every vendor needs to actively address creating a “positive product promoters” and a social media broadcaster. How does an online vendor create an army of positive broadcasters? How do vendors minimize the potential for negative broadcasts?

The answer is for the vendor business to address each of the six topics presented in other World Market provided marketing blogs. Those topics include:

Customer Responsiveness
Customer Fairness
Quick Packaging and Shipment
Reliable Products
Product-Customer Matching
Continually Expanding

In addition, add the topic of: Customer and Public Relations, topic number seven. It includes the “marketing” of your products, your brand and your business image.

The failure to address the first six topics will guarantee your failure in obtaining successful results in your marketing efforts. But success at performing the first six topics does not assure success of topic number seven.

Marketing needs to be an ongoing process. This topic needs a specific commitment of management and resources. A portion of this effort should be directed at advertising your product and another portion at stimulating positive communications in the social network communities.

Successful online marketing is not just maintaining a good website. Success requires you make an influence across the entire Internet spectrum. Maybe two in every five visits to your product or site comes from a search engine, while other key consumer drivers to your products are the social media platforms and Blogs. Both are rapidly evolving in terms of their relevance to online marketing and sales.

To assist your business in these efforts, World Market offers many promotional, marketing and advertising opportunities, which are directly viewable by World Market shoppers and visitors.

I always say: “Broadcast out a quality marketing message and people will find the way.”

Customer Responsiveness

We welcome the opportunity to help you grow and sell products online. To learn more about international marketing and selling, continue to monitor this Blog, and review the relevant prior Blog posts.