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Using Targeted E-coupons to Expand Online Sales

Using targeted discount e-coupons to extend your products into new cross-broader markets

Targeted test marketing
I always say: “Would you attempt this if you knew you could not fail? You know that your business’s need to expand into new cross-border markets. You know this is required to grow your sales. But knowing and doing are quite different. You need to analyze the new markets and collect reliable data to assist you in making decisions as to which countries offer the best return on the capital and resources needed to pursue business expansion.

The internet offers many sources for collecting marketing data and facts. Given all of these facts and opinions, how do you test the potential of each new market? How do you convert these general facts into reliable data as to each of your products and as to each new potential expansion country or region of the world?

One answer is to issue “Targeted e-Discount Coupons.”

What is a targeted e-Discount Coupon and how does it provide the accurate hard data you need to make cross-boarder expansion decisions?

A Targeted e-Discount Coupon is an electronic representation of a purchase discount that can be delivered by any electronic means. Commonly delivery is by:

Facebook post
Twitter message
Text message
Social network post
Online advertisement
Online store posting
Online customer shopping account post

A Targeted e- Discount Coupon is usually very specific as to one or more of the controlled parameters. The targeting is used and directed at refining and controlling the distribution to selective customers addressing a targeted set of products. Commonly these controlling parameters include:

Categories of Products
Dates and Times
Customers’ Physical Location
Customers’ Buying Interest
Customers’ Shopping Patterns
Customers’ e-Store Browsing Patterns
Customers’ Web Browsing Interest
Customers’ Sex, Age, Height, Size
Customers’ Religion
Customers’ Nationality
Other Descriptors or Specialties

Given that you need and desire to utilize the benefits offered by a Targeted e- Discount Coupon, what is required?

The first requirement is to select an eCommerce service that provides you with the features needed to perform market testing using a Targeted e- Discount Coupon. You need the capability and flexibility to issue Targeted e-Discount Coupons, to manage your target market analysis effort, and to track the performance of your Targeted e- Discount Coupon test market program.

World Market offers you all of these needed important features, plus more. It offers this service at low cost and simplicity, with no long term commitments. You can target almost any country or region in the world and select any products you could offer.

The second requirement is to construct one or more product and country based test marketing programs. In structuring these test market programs, select from one to ten of your products. For each product selected, pick from one to ten countries that you expect the consumers will accept and desire that product. Thereafter, select any other of the above listed controlling parameters you desire.

Sample test plan using Targeted e-Discount Coupon programs- with product and term controls:

Product Based Example: This targeted e-Discount Coupon applies to orders, which contain one or more vendor products. The discount is applied once per order (or for each purchased product). The discount amount is either dollars off or a percent of price off, good until (date), and other conditions may apply.

Category Based Example: This targeted e-gift Discount Coupon applies to orders, which contain one or more categories (or 1 or more product subcategories).

Targeted e- Discount Coupon distribution control- samples:

Define the text, images and layout of the distributed coupon message or notice.

Define the e-delivery method(s) and any restrictions.

These tasks are not hard and do not require significant resources to implement. Just sign-up to become a vendor at World Market, load your product descriptions images and special offer, then easily set up your Targeted e-Discount Coupon program.

Thereafter distribute your new Targeted e-Discount Coupons. Zip, Zap, Zoom your cross-broader market testing program is underway! You have expanded your product market footprint and growth is on the way!

I know the prospect of selling internationally can be both exciting and intimidating, but you have the benefits World Market. We designed a superior ecommerce service to exactly fit your marketing and global expansion needs. We make it easy to join and sell worldwide. I assure you no one else can provide you with these great online marketing sales services at these prices.