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You Are Missing Out On 85% Of The World’s Sales Transactions

MasterCard reports that 85% of the world’s payment transactions are made with Cash- Now your business can capture the online cash-based sales

I want you to know, this Master Card admission is BIG, this is very BIG! You need to grasps the magnitude and impact of this fact, and factor this data into your current business planning, market strategies and operations. 

Ecommerce Market Limitations
Payments.com recently reported on data presented by MasterCard executives, who stated 85% of the world's payment transactions are completed in CASH. This is not limited to the developing countries, this is the whole world.

Because all online sales payments are currently credit-card payments, this fact means any and all of your online store, and all of your current eCommerce sales activities, are limited to servicing just 15% of the world’s payment transactions. You can only service 15% of the world’s potential online customers. Your online sales store is using the conventional, standard credit-based eCommerce service, where all online payments are made and accepted by credit card. You have to use these credit based services because, until now, there was no alternative.

Given this 15% limitation or cap on your potential customer base, you can spend all you like on advertising, website re-design, marketing promotions, search engine optimization, and any other thing you would like to pursue to improve your sales, but you are only able to access 15% of the world’s potential online customers. You and your competitors, and all other online vendors, are all fighting for that 15% of the total 2.4 billion online customer base.

As a user of the conventional, standard credit based eCommerce shopping carts, gateways and credit payment processing services, you have no way, “None Whatsoever,” to ever access the un-tapped, un-serviced cash transaction purchases which take places every day. You are currently barred from selling online to 85% of the world’s customers.

Would you like to gain these cash-paying shoppers as loyal repeat customers? Would you like to grab early market share of these 85% cash buyer transactions before you competitors even know that there is now a secure, effective, and safe way to make these cash buyers your loyal online customers?

Can you act before your competitors learn you are already gaining market share and selling your products to these cash transaction buyers of the world? These un-tapped and under-serviced cash transaction buyers, the currently un-serviced 85%, which are estimated to be about 2 billion individuals and businesses worldwide.

Service all market rule
Here are a few samples analysis for you to consider. How about if just 1% of these 2 billion cash buyers became repeat customers of yours? Would you be happy with 20 million of these new online “Pay-Online-With-CASH™ customers? How about if just ½ of 1%, that is 10 million, become your new loyal customers?

I call this massive sales growth opportunity the “Service All 100% Rule.” Now do you understand- This is BIG, this is very BIG!

I think you realize that unless you start using World Market with Pay-Online-With-CASH™ to access these un-serviced online cash buyers, you will never convert any of the existing 2 billion cash buyers to be your customers. Furthermore, the longer you delay in joining and using World Market to reach these overlooked customers, the more potential sales and earning you lose.

Also, consider by delaying, you give your competitors more time to use World Market to establish their band over yours, and to capture market share. I believe once your competitors grab hold of these un-tapped and under-serviced cash transaction buyers, and turn them into their loyal customers, you will pay dearly to break them lose.

The safe, simple and effective solution is to immediately join World Market. Start with a small, selective product list, and from these pilot sales learn how to maximize World Market capabilities for your products, your markets and your success.

You do not need to change anything you are already doing in your current online sales activities. There are no significant capital expenditures required, and very little needed in resource and manpower commitments. Plus, you control the products offered, the product pricing, the customer market selection, the marketing strategy and approach, the market expansion timing, the resources commitments, the sales fulfillment, shipping decisions and customer service.

World Market is providing many local and national Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers (“vendors”) in nearly all countries with a safe and simple to use pathway to increased eCommerce sales and revenues. Whether you are seeking sales in the existing 15% market, or the huge, un-tapped and under-serviced 85% market- join us and we can provide your business a clear path to growth using cross-country, cross-border and global markets.