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Using Online Games and Entertainment to Promote Products

Use online games and entertainment to promote your products

In the past, one could control the message and the viewing audience of a promotional program and advertising buy. You could be confident that an advertisement placed in a specific media would reach a specifically defined group of customers and you knew this targeted group’s specific buying preferences and demographics.

The new media, and the ability of any one of the 2.4 billion internet users to become a media broadcaster, via social networks, Blogs, emails, text messages and other distribution channels has changed all that. Now any individual can become an unauthorized communications channel and broadcaster. The vendor no longer has control of the promotional message. Vendors may release a focused positive message about a product or their band. But so can 2.4 billion other individuals, and their message can be positive or very negative, and the vendor has NO say in what gets broadcasted to the world.

That means a vendor needs to regularly release and distribute positive messages about his brand and products. This does two important things. First, it gives the individual internet users a message they can re-broadcast. The second point is that these releases help to counter any negative massages being broadcast by any number of individual internet users.

There are many opportunities to release positive messages. One newer method, which you should consider, is the use of online games and entertainment. Many existing users of this method are reporting success. One user is the Home Shopping Club (HSC), also know as the Home Shopping Network, a TV and cable-shopping network that also broadcast online. They use online games to hold the attention of views, during the long 10 to 15 minute product pitches before moving on to the next set of products.

World Market is developing advertising and promotional services that deliver customized entertainment and rewarding games. The game players will be World Market shoppers who are actively looking and buying products. This new future service will be a great place to deliver your product promotion messages, directly into the viewing eyes of buyers. We will keep you posted on the progress of these new services.

We welcome the opportunity to help you promote and advertise your brand and products online at World Market. To explore this opportunity, contact a World Marketing representative.

High End Specialty Approach to Increased Sales

“Pull–A-Few-From-Many” online marketing


“Pull–A-Few-From-Many” marketing addresses the high-end specialty market. It is another great fit for cross-border market expansion.

High-end, high priced products are not for everyone. But in a world of 7 billion people there is a significant number of individuals that desire, and can afford to purchase, high-end products. They can afford, and will pay the higher prices.

I call the high-end specialty marketing strategy the “Pull-A-Few-From-Many” marketing approach. It is a well established approach that works very well for some vendors and their products and not so well for others.

High-end means different things to different people. For example, I consider a $5,000 watch to be a high-end product. Others shoppers may believe a watch costing $100,000 or more is high-end and that $5,000 is not high-end. High-end is defined is in the eyes of the beholder. Whatever the product price there is appeal for: (a) low-price-leader pricing, (b) quality for the masses pricing, and (c) high-end pricing.

If you are selling high-end products, or you chose to bring out a line of products addressing the needs of high-end customers, I believe you clearly need to employ the cross-border market coverage to sustain continued strong revenue growth.

As high-end products are only affordable by a small percentage of the total population, the larger the consumer base to draw buyers from, the better the chance of you snagging a larger number of qualified buyers. Larger population bases come from multi-country sales operations.

High-end marketingIn simple math, the US eCommerce market place is currently at 245 million internet users. It only 15% of those internet users can afford your high-end products, your market base is about 36 million. If your market is the US, Canada, and the EU, your total eCommerce market is about 632 million internet users. At a 10% high-end qualifying rate on customers, your actual accessible market would be about 63 million.

With 2.4 billion internet users worldwide and a 6% high-end qualification rate, your market base would be 144 million. Irrespective of the assumed or actual high-end qualification rates used for a country or regions, the point remains: “The bigger the accessible internet user base, the larger the qualified customer base for your high-end products.”

To be highly successful, you want and need a very large consumer access base to draw your high-end customers from. Therefore, if you currently sell high-end products, or are planning to, World Market is a perfect match for your business model.

World Market gives you direct and immediate access to potentially 2.4 billion internet users. It is the ultimate distribution channel for your marketing strategy of “Pull-A-Few-From Many.” You pick the pricing, the countries or regions you market to, and you are in control of the growth strategy and implementation. You control the growth and path to market expansion of your business and your product mix.

If you or some one you know has a business that address the needs of high-end shoppers, I suggest you review and carefully consider adding World Market as one of your valuable global distribution channels.


The Four Keys To Successful International Sales

There are four simple keys to successful International Sales

There are many factors that impact success. In my opinion, here are the top four areas that can have a significant impact on the success of your online sales in the global marketplace.

Product Promotion and Marketing

I believe World Market does global product promotions and marketing better than anyone. It is done for very low costs and you only pay when there is a sale of your product: NO sale – NO fee! World Market proves that it can sell your product before you pay. That means you can try a new sales program, a new product, or a new country to expand into and there are no marketing fees until we prove to you that your expansion plan works. World Market removes the marketing and promotion risks in your expansion plans. You fail and World Market eats the promotional loss- not you. That is amazing when you consider World Market offers you the opportunity to reach 2.4 billion internet users in 235 countries and territories. Just Amazing!.....The best expansion offer you will ever find!!!

Product Sales Payment

Collecting product payments and avoiding charge back fraud in cross-border sales is a risky activity. The standard credit-based international online payment services have high rates of fraud, which can result in high costs to you, for fraud-losses and fraud prevention.

World Market is the only global eCommerce service provider that does not accept credit-based online payments. All sales transactions at World Market are cash-based without credit card charge-backs. This greatly reduces and can even eliminate payment fraud and all the associated loss prevention costs.

Shipping and Delivery

We make that simple for you. If you desire, World Market computes the estimated shipping costs to any of the 235 countries and collects the shipping cost as part of the purchase transaction. The collected shipping costs are passed on to you, you handle the product fulfillment tasks and you pay the shipper. World Market makes it very simple and very easy for you to move your products to any one of the 2.4 billion internet users.

Customer Support

We do not require you to utilize expensive intentional communications services to provide responsive customer service support. You can use the services of Skype or other low cost communication service such as online chat, online video conferencing, or emails.
Be responsive to your customer and be prudent– you can provide great customer service without spending a lot of money.

Sign-up and let’s work on getting your business a larger customer-base footprint and higher monthly revenues.

Regularly Revise Your Marketing Plan and Sales Growth Forecast

Do not become locked into your current Marketing Plan

Cross Border Sales

One of the major factors in the continued success and growth of your business is your marketing plan. It may not be written down in a formal document, but it exists and it being implemented daily by you and your staff.

Is your current marketing plan effective? Could plan changes improve the effectiveness of sales and revenues? Are there new customer bases or new geographic regions that would be receptive to your products? Is there a simple and low risk means of testing your product promotion and sales programs on a new customer base?

You should be asking and gaining answers to these and other market planning question at least twice per year. Did you know there is a very low cost and simple means to test any new market for your products and any new customer base in almost any new region or country?

This new service allows you to test and enter up to 235 countries and territories with no sales transaction expenses unless your product actually sells. How’s that for low risk? This service provider allows you to promote your products to 2.4 billion internet users and nearly one billion smartphone users throughout the world. How is that for low risk and huge marketing power?

The name of this provider is World Market. In my opinion, simply the best online global product presentation and immediate sale service for your products. You should factor this great service into your marketing plan because World Market makes it easy for your business to explore, test, and successfully implement, new expansions to your existing customer base and sales territories.

Review the many benefits World Market offers. Talk to a representative and get answers to your questions. Take the steps needed to get a few of your products listed and test the benefits offered. I believe you will find World Market is a powerful support service to the growth and continued success of your business.

Revising And Expanding Your Product List and Sales Growth

Do not become locked into your current “Product List”

Managing online sales growth
Business growth can be driven by a number of factors and fundamentals. One of the key fundamentals is your product list.

You have great products and your customers love each one of them. That’s wonderful, but wouldn’t it be more wonderful if you had twice as many products that your customers could also love? There is no guarantee that doubling your product list will double your profits, but would you be satisfied if doing such were to expand your profits by 50% or 80%?

At least two or more times a year you should review and analyze the potential sales growth and profits from adding more specific products to your existing online products availability list. These newly added products could be new products you have created, products created by bundling a multiple number of your existing products into a unique group of new products for example: “buy a package of 3 and get discount,” or enter into distributor agreements to represent other manufacturers’ products.

Look carefully at what you currently offer, what additional products are your customers buying from other sources? Can you add a product to your current product list that will fit into your existing customer’s needed or desired purchase plans? Can you price the product such that it delvers value to your customers? Can you provide these new products to your customers for a profit to your operations?

Do this review at least twice a year. Be objective and if the results indicate a need to expand, do not be afraid to do so. As you expand, using World Market as a distribution channel can reduce your risk. Using World Market to introduce your new products means you only pay when there is a sale of your product. NO sale – NO fee!

World Market proves that it can sell your product before you pay. That means you can try a new sales program and incur no marketing or sales cost until World Market proves to you that your expansion plan works. World Market removes the marketing and promotion risks in your expansion plans. You fail and World Market takes a loss. That is amazing when you consider World Market offers you the opportunity to reach 2.4 billion internet users in 235 countries and territories. Just Amazing!

Managing Sales Growth and Online Sales

Managing online cross-border sales growth

Online Marketing

As the use of eCommerce for business sales growth becomes more resource demanding and technically complex, as the need to expand sales means entering into more and more foreign markets, and the seeking of third party “Professional Help” becomes worth considering, World Market has arrived!

World Market is not just any help, but help that reduces your operating costs, reduces your staffing and resource needs and is effective in supporting your need to reach new markets in a controlled and managed process. It is help that removes online payment fraud losses from international sales and removes the need for expensive financial risk management from online sales.

In discussions with our many vendors, and review of the our transactions data, I have found most vendors agree that it is best for a vendor to focus on what they do well and leave the international product marketing, global online sales transactions and foreign online payment processing tasks to a qualified professional.

Look over the many great online sales features offered by World Market. Compare them with other similar multi-national online product marketing and sales, and payment processing services. World Market provides Pay-Online-With-CASH,™ the only online global payment service that eliminates the cost and financial risks associated with online credit card payments. No other service offers you sale and marketing of your products in 235 countries and territories, to 2.4 billion possible shoppers who pay in cash!

Using Online Social Media To Enhance Profits

Use online social media to assure eCommerce profits

Why should you care about social media? Why is there so much discussion about using online social media to drive profits? Here are a few reasons:

  • 800 million active users on Facebook
  • 200 million registered on Twitter
  • 100 million professionals on LinkedIn
  • 80 percent of Americans use social media every month
  • 44 percent of the junk mail goes into the landfills unopened
  • Readership and circulation of all major newspapers is declining
  • Less than 1 percent of emails are opened and acted upon

The current numbers of participates may vary for the above, but the point remains the same….Social media is the new see and tell media… You need to use it!

Consider and utilize these points in structuring your approach to social media and Blogs. I always say: “Gathering accurate and reliable data is the first step in making informed and wise decisions.”

1) Research and be aware of all the ways social media and Blogs can assist your product sales and band name promotion.
  • Where are consumers addressing your product or band? What countries, what groups or classes of consumers?
  • What are consumers saying about your products, brand and your competition?
  • What are bloggers saying about your brand and internet presence?
  • Where are the opportunities to stimulate advocacy for your products?
  • Are there issues or negative messages that need a response or resolution?

2) Define what you desire from social media.

  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • What products are you trying to sell to them?
  • In what countries are your target buyers located?
  • How do you plan to reach them?
  • What approach will you use to reach them and is it working?

3) It’s not about YOU, it’s about THEM.

  • Social media is not the same as TV, radio or print media – pushing information at social network users will not work, it will be rejected.
  • You must use social media in an engagement mode, on a personnel level.
  • Social media allows you to touch customers and interact with them. Users want that, and you need that. Interaction is how you learn what the customers really wants. Once you learned what they want, you can package your message to get through to them.

4) Impressions and viewer hits mean NOTHING.
In the world of social media, there is no way to count eyeballs effectively, consistently or accurately. Metrics are a little hard to gather from social media. However, some businesses use a five level approach to collecting metrics from social media users. These metrics are used to combine with other internal data to get usable results.

  • Level one The lowest level of participation – Similar to impressions or hits in the traditional media.
  • Level two – The next level of participation - How many followers, friends, visitors, hits, etc.
  • Level three – A higher level of participation – some minimum degree of interactive participation from the visitor.
  • Level four – You get the visitor’s identity and you get the visitor to register in some form with you and you encourage them to say nice things about your product and your brand
  • Level five – The visitor makes a purchase and recommends you to others.

5) Combine social media results with other research.

Social networks and blogs are a good place to view sentiment and collect data, but it must not be your only source of views and opinions. For accurate data from which to draw conclusions and make decisions you need to blend the social network and Blog sentiment with internal data. Data collected from call centers, customer service, surveys, behavioral data, online chat, and customer emails and tweets. Use many sources and blend wisely.

We welcome the opportunity to help you promote and monitor your brand and products online at World Market.