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The Four Keys To Successful International Sales

There are four simple keys to successful International Sales

There are many factors that impact success. In my opinion, here are the top four areas that can have a significant impact on the success of your online sales in the global marketplace.

Product Promotion and Marketing

I believe World Market does global product promotions and marketing better than anyone. It is done for very low costs and you only pay when there is a sale of your product: NO sale – NO fee! World Market proves that it can sell your product before you pay. That means you can try a new sales program, a new product, or a new country to expand into and there are no marketing fees until we prove to you that your expansion plan works. World Market removes the marketing and promotion risks in your expansion plans. You fail and World Market eats the promotional loss- not you. That is amazing when you consider World Market offers you the opportunity to reach 2.4 billion internet users in 235 countries and territories. Just Amazing!.....The best expansion offer you will ever find!!!

Product Sales Payment

Collecting product payments and avoiding charge back fraud in cross-border sales is a risky activity. The standard credit-based international online payment services have high rates of fraud, which can result in high costs to you, for fraud-losses and fraud prevention.

World Market is the only global eCommerce service provider that does not accept credit-based online payments. All sales transactions at World Market are cash-based without credit card charge-backs. This greatly reduces and can even eliminate payment fraud and all the associated loss prevention costs.

Shipping and Delivery

We make that simple for you. If you desire, World Market computes the estimated shipping costs to any of the 235 countries and collects the shipping cost as part of the purchase transaction. The collected shipping costs are passed on to you, you handle the product fulfillment tasks and you pay the shipper. World Market makes it very simple and very easy for you to move your products to any one of the 2.4 billion internet users.

Customer Support

We do not require you to utilize expensive intentional communications services to provide responsive customer service support. You can use the services of Skype or other low cost communication service such as online chat, online video conferencing, or emails.
Be responsive to your customer and be prudent– you can provide great customer service without spending a lot of money.

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