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Using Online Games and Entertainment to Promote Products

Use online games and entertainment to promote your products

In the past, one could control the message and the viewing audience of a promotional program and advertising buy. You could be confident that an advertisement placed in a specific media would reach a specifically defined group of customers and you knew this targeted group’s specific buying preferences and demographics.

The new media, and the ability of any one of the 2.4 billion internet users to become a media broadcaster, via social networks, Blogs, emails, text messages and other distribution channels has changed all that. Now any individual can become an unauthorized communications channel and broadcaster. The vendor no longer has control of the promotional message. Vendors may release a focused positive message about a product or their band. But so can 2.4 billion other individuals, and their message can be positive or very negative, and the vendor has NO say in what gets broadcasted to the world.

That means a vendor needs to regularly release and distribute positive messages about his brand and products. This does two important things. First, it gives the individual internet users a message they can re-broadcast. The second point is that these releases help to counter any negative massages being broadcast by any number of individual internet users.

There are many opportunities to release positive messages. One newer method, which you should consider, is the use of online games and entertainment. Many existing users of this method are reporting success. One user is the Home Shopping Club (HSC), also know as the Home Shopping Network, a TV and cable-shopping network that also broadcast online. They use online games to hold the attention of views, during the long 10 to 15 minute product pitches before moving on to the next set of products.

World Market is developing advertising and promotional services that deliver customized entertainment and rewarding games. The game players will be World Market shoppers who are actively looking and buying products. This new future service will be a great place to deliver your product promotion messages, directly into the viewing eyes of buyers. We will keep you posted on the progress of these new services.

We welcome the opportunity to help you promote and advertise your brand and products online at World Market. To explore this opportunity, contact a World Marketing representative.