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Are You There Yet? Why Not Africa?

Part I - World Market Brings You Africa!

In my six part marketing series: “World Market Brings You,” I always reiterate Retail Rule Three: “The world needs your product- get it to them!”

Second, I remind everyone there are seven continents - Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America. Other than Antarctica, each represents a unique consumer marketplace that, with the help of World Market and payment by PinPay, is awaiting the arrival of your products. Are you there yet? We make it simple, Why NOT?

Expand your market

Review these facts, do a little market research, and then try to convince me you should not be selling your products in Africa!

Product Presentation Delivery and Online Sales: Most African countries now have commercial DSL services. The rapid spread of mobile data and third-generation (3G) broadband services is changing this, with the mobile networks bringing Internet access to many areas outside of the main cities for the first time. Wholesale prices for Internet bandwidth have come down by as much as 90% from previous levels.1

With high speed broadband connections increasing and smart phone use continuing to rise, Africa is now witnessing significant adoption of eCommerce and m-commerce services.2

The fact that new global fixed and mobile investments are measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars indicates the market opportunities in Africa and the capital commitment to a first class infrastructure for the digital economy.2

Economic Status: The growth in m-commerce over the last two years in particular has surpassed all reasonable expectations. While there has been a pent-up demand for both m-Commerce and eCommerce services for many years, it wasn’t until the iPhone arrived that the potential of this market was finally revealed.2

Important fact, Walmart (WMT) is strongly expanding operations in Africa. Earlier this year, Walmart acquired Massmart Holdings, a major African retailer with headquarters in South African. From this base they plan to grow in presence throughout Africa.3

New oil and gas finds always drive positive economic growth. Reports in 2010 showed Nineteen African countries are significant producers of oil and/or gas, and the revenues from higher prices and the investment that new discoveries are attracting have made a key contribution to African economic growth and that will continue for the foreseeable future. While the majority of oil and gas reserves and production remain concentrated in six countries — Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Angola (oil), Sudan (oil) and Egypt (gas) — there have been significant new discoveries in Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda, with prospected fields in other countries, including Sierra Leone, Mali and Kenya.4

Question: In the retail business, Walmart seldom makes a mistake. If Walmart see retail growth in the continent of Africa, you should not ignore the results of their research and commitment decision. If large fields of oil and gas are being found, wealth is not far behind. Will you admit that you need to consider selling your products in Africa?

Continent Core Numbers:

Number of counties: 575

Population (2012 est.): 1,073,380,9256

Number of Internet users (6/12 est.): 167,335,6766

Other facts: See by each African continent country in CIA Handbook and other reference sources.5

Your Objections to African Expansion are:

Accepted fact, the middle and lower income consumers do not have large amounts of discretionary income. Look again at your operations, with the support of World Market you do not need everyone to buy your products to make it advantageous to sell into Africa. Start with a few countries. Expand your African market footprint when you are ready. When you are ready, adding an African county to your World Market sales store takes about 5 minutes and there are no new fees.

Yes, there are many languages and dialects spoken throughout Africa. True English in not used by many potential buyers, but World Market does offer product presentations in 66 languages. If a buyer has the money and really wants your product, they will find a way to buy it from World Market and it will be with online CASH!

Ok, you do not have a warehouse in Africa. That is not a problem, there are many shippers that will professionally deliver your products any where in the world, including Africa.

You think no one will want your products? In a continent with 57 countries and a total population of over one billion, if you offer a quality product at a fair price, I can assure you there are buyers. Use your World Market store and try entering the African market with a few products.

If you have more objections, click on Support Center and submit a support ticket to the sales team and they will be happy to assist in finding acceptable answers and solutions.

Online cash sales to African buyers can and should be a valuable addition to your business growth plans. World Market is here to help- let’s move on it!


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