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EU Ecommerce Market Is HOT

Market Alert: Get you products into the viewing eyes of European shoppers- that market is HOT!

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Yes, the EU is in a financial crisis and will be for some time. However from the recent reports I have seen, if your business is not selling in the European eCommerce market, you are missing a great opportunity. The total eCommerce market in Europe is larger and growing faster than the U.S. eCommerce market. While American entrepreneurs rightly take credit for inventing eCommerce and the Internet, the European eCommerce market has demonstrated how to use these selling tools and grew 18.2% last year. You may be surprised to learn STAPLES, a big U.S. based office supply store, is in the top 10 eCommerce e-retailers in Europe.

Internet Retailer’s recently published the Top 400 Europe, which ranks, profiles and quantifies Europe’s 400 largest eCommerce operations. The report shows that e-retailing in Europe is booming, and American e-retailers in Europe are growing faster than European e-retailers.

Consumer goods manufacturers were a major mover in European e-retailing growing 18% last year. The fastest-growing merchandising category in eCommerce was sporting goods, which grew about 30.2% year over year.

This growth is not limited to the major EU countries. During 2011, Poland was the fastest-growing e-commerce market in Europe. Poland’s eCommerce sales grew 33.7% over the prior year.

In these tough times, EU shoppers are looking online to see who has the best deal. These shoppers are not limiting their looking to just EU retailers, they are seeking products from almost any seller. This is your time to get in front of the EU shoppers and grab market share.

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