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Online Cash Payments
As I have repeatedly reported, and for which the evidence is in, the long established procedure for paying for online purchases with a credit card is changing. No longer is it a requirement that an online business accept credit card payments. Those days are gone, forever. No longer do businesses have to accept the financial risks, fraud prevention costs, and other costs associated with online credit card payments.

There is a new tech team of dedicated superstars in town. A tech team that said: “Businesses should not be punished if they choose not to accept credit cards. They should not be required to accept the fraud losses and costs associated with accepting credit cards if they do not want to.”

Thanks to these dedicated superstars, the long existing stranglehold of the credit card industry on the ecommerce industry is now broken. Every vendor worldwide now has a safe, simple, effective, and efficient global alternative to accepting credit card payments. This successful ecommerce revolution is provided and driven by World Market with payments through “Pay-Online-With-CASH.™”

By simply joining World Market, all businesses can now enter the world of ecommerce without accepting credit cards. They can now enjoy the growth opportunities of selling their products to all 2.4 billion Internet users and the more than one billion smartphone users. Your business can do this without the need to accept credit card payments!

World Market is in the process of becoming truly the newest, and I believe the most exciting, “Online World Outlet” center! As more new vendors offer more products from more countries what a customer does not see today, they may find tomorrow. The closeout discount, discount coupon, or special sale the shopper did not see yesterday, may also be there later today or tomorrow.

We welcome the opportunity to help you join the “World’s Largest Online Cash-Based Outlet Shopping Center.” To explore this opportunity, contact a World Marketing representative.