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Local Retailers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers Increasing Market Share

The “Trick” to Retailers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers increasing sales and gaining Market Share

Sales Growth
As a very young man, I heard repeatedly: “Knock on enough doors and you will find a buyer!”

Whether the purpose is to increase sales volume on your most popular product or to move your unpopular inventory, door knocking is essential… it works!

In the world of online sales (the eCommerce community) door knocking is getting your products in front of the eyes of potential buyers, known as getting viewers or “views.”

World Market can help! We offer many simple and effective ways to acquire more viewers. Plus we can convert these shopping viewers into an immediate CASH (Not Credit) transaction buyers at the time of the viewing.

Using our secure, proprietary payment technology, “Pay-Online-With-CASH,” we offer your business online CASH paying customers from all over the world. Not credit card payers, with payment revocability and charge backs, but true CASH customers- CASH buyers and immediate payment to you, the product vendor. I can assure you, CASH payers are the very best kind of buyers.

No one else can bring you online CASH paying viewers from over 235 countries and territories, covering up to 2.4 billion internet users and one billion smartphone users! That is an enormous number of doors to knock on – but we do it for you day, after day, after day. This global promotion of your product is low cost and can be massively effective.

In addition to blanketing of the World with products giving all viewers the ability to immediately buy your products is a huge benefit. In addition, we feed your listed products to many major and minor search engines that provide you that “the-knock-on-the-door” when a customer is looking for a product to purchase. We also provide you with the ability to create and manage your own tailor made promotion and product marketing programs.

World Market offers a unique distribution channel that very effectively supports your main missions: (1) increase overall sales (2) introduce your product and brands into new markets and expand your market share, and (3) move the slower selling sizes, colors, or model numbers- get the slow movers off your warehouse shelves!

Our only goal is to help you grow and to bring you as many CASH paying viewers as possible. We welcome the opportunity to help you grow.