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Profit From The Ecommerce Revolution

Your business can profit from the forthcoming Ecommerce Revolution

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The world ecommerce marketplace is about to be revolutionized. Imagine the following features for a new online e-store…. Would you like to be a part of this revolution?

• Instant worldwide cash payment and settlements of online sales, without payment revocability.

• Simple to join and use as a distribution channel for the online sale of products in 235 countries and territories.

• A proprietary loyalty cash payment system that eliminates the most common financial risks of loss to online vendors including chargebacks, retroactive rate hikes, cross-border sales fees and PCI compliance problems.

• An online sales system that is truly global and will greatly expand the customer base for every participating vendor, reaching countries with strong desire to purchase products and services from foreign vendors, but have been without an acceptable payment system.

This is a service you need for your business. The setup process is simple, quick and economical. You are in full control of what you choose to sell, which countries, regions or areas, the price you charge, the fulfillment and shipping services you employ, and the price discounts and sales promotions you utilize.