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Retailers Are Going Online For Global Growth

Many major retailers are going online for Global Growth

I found an interesting report that the TJX companies, owners of TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, and other retailer chains, plan to grow their sales to more than $40 billion, a 74% increase over the current $23 billion, with the key driver being online retail sales.
From the available data I have reviewed, eCommerce is clearly in their future and should be in every retailer’s future. TJX is fully committed to cross-border eCommerce sales; it currently operates in the US, Canada and Europe. The expanded eCommerce sites will complement the existing retail stores and allow TJX to offer products online that are not carried in their retail stores. It will allow them to reach markets worldwide that do not have local TJX stores.

My sources all show that this trend continues to grow. I find more and more small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises (LEs) are moving to cross-border eCommerce to support business growth and stability.

I expect that you have considered selling internationally. I think what you concluded was that you need cross-border sales but you are seeking a safe and simple to use pathway that allows you to successfully grow your business globally. A path that allows you to reach new customers that want your products, but have been unable to get connected to you, or they do not know you offer the products they are seeking.

You need a pathway where you control the products offered, the product pricing, the customer market selection, the marketing strategy and approach, the market expansion timing, the resources commitments, and the sales fulfillment, shipping decisions and customer service. World Market is providing many vendors all of these items, plus a safe and simple to use pathway to increased sales and revenues. Join us and we can provide your business a clear simple and effective path to growth and cross-border success.

Whether you are an SME or an LE, whether your objective is a 74% increase, as desired by TJX, or some other level of growth, you can clearly experience higher sales by using the World Market eCommerce service. We are passionate about your growth! That’s why we continuously enhance our amazing service and technology to deliver the features and tools needed for you to expand your markets and enjoy successful cross-border sales and revenue growth.

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