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Customer Service Impacts To Online Business

Customer Service Can Catapult Your Sales

Repeat Customers
I recently read the results of a study that reported that 78% of the shoppers will go to a competitor and buy their product if their prior online shopping experience with you has been less than satisfactory. What makes a shopping experience "less than satisfactory" varies from one person to the next, but we can all agree that quality products and quality customer service are the key factors for repeat customers. We also know that repeat customers with their ability to make personal referrals are of immense value to your online business.

If you doubt that, go review the usage numbers and the successful growth of “Angie’s List.” Customers go to Angie’s List to learn if a vendor provides quality service or products, and good customer service. Always remind yourself of this very important fact: Happy repeat customers are the springboard to your online business success or failure. 

Customer Loyalty
I always say: “Speak with deeds and few words will be required.” That rule is very true in building and keeping repeat customers. Experiencing great customer service is what gets customers tweeting, texting or simply telling friends, relatives and colleges to buy and use your products.

We welcome the opportunity to help you grow and to “Catapult Your Online Business to Upward Growth.” To learn more about marketing, selling and customer loyalty: continue to monitor this blog.