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Global Branding Your Pathway to Success

Are you using the “Know-Me” Rule to the Fullest?

No one, absolutely no-one, with any competency or knowledge about marketing will disagree with the fundamental Glenn rule #7: “The more shoppers that know of and recognize your brand – the more product sales you will experience.” I call it the “Know-Me” rule. Ask any experienced and successful retailer- Walmart, Amazon, Tesco, ShoreMart, YesAsia, Apple, Tmall, Microsoft, Staples, Rakuten or others retailers if getting their brand name exposed is important, and they will say: “Absolutely, no other approach works.”

There are a number of slogans or responses consumers use to convey the “Know-Me” rule:

Out of sight – out of mind!

If I don’t know about it – I can’t buy it!

If I see a product and don’t know anything about the brand – I don’t buy it!

I would bet money you have either thought or said one of these statements yourself. So how does your business assure it’s products pass the “Know-Me” test? The answer is now simple and costs little. You can receive millions, maybe even billions, of brand impressions per month for less than $6 per month.  These impressions are made available in 66 languages, delivered continuously 24/7 to 235 countries and territories. Yes, full global branding for less than $6 a month. Is that a deal or what! In many countries, $6 will not buy you a month of any type of brand advertising. 

To gain global brand recognition your business does not need market consultants, or hire companies to perform market research and surveys. Now, with World Market, you simply sign-up and post your products. With each product image that shows your band, and with each entry of your product into the Word Market shopping cart, your product and business brand can be viewed by both new and your established customers. Each and every online shopper, browser or buyer that views any one of your listed products on a branded image gets that important and repetitive impression of your business brand.

That is an enormous benefit to your business. Studies show that repeated brand image impressions directly implant in the viewer’s mind brand awareness and untimely, consciously or subconsciously, creates acceptance of the brand. Depending upon the number of products you list and the type of categories associated with your products the brand visibility on the product image you could receive many brand impressions per month.

Are you convinced yet? I know you are conservative and frugal with your money and that is great. But by giving up a few cups of coffee from Starbucks you’ll cover your cost to full access of online sales in 235 countries and a potential for global product branding for less than $6 per month! To get started, visit the vendor sign up button site at http://www.pinpayonline.com/  Fill-out the simple account form and let’s get your business products and your brand a household name.