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Status Before And After Joining World Market

Why is it so important for me to join World Market?

What do you get when you ask a superior tech team, entrepreneurs who think outside the box, and creative talent to solve the problem facing every business in the world?

You get BIG ideas that lead to very big changes. In short, you get a major paradigm shift in technology and a worldwide
eCommerce revolution that’s changing the way the world sells and buys online.
My grandson’s answer was -  You get two lightening bolts and some very large and loud fireworks explosions! I know, the resulting transformation sounds like science fiction, but believe me it is here, it is happening now, and you can be a part of it! Come join us and benefit.

Fraud Losses


BEFORE: Websites, shopping cart, and conventional on-line credit card based payment services.

AFTER: No website, no shopping cart, no revocable credit card payments, immediate CASH payments from customers all over the world. No interference with existing distribution channels, no long term contacts or commitments, no capital investment, and no reason not to use this service.


World Market, a worldwide eCommerce service, handles the websites, the product promotions, the gateways, the shopping cart, and the worldwide online cash payments, using their proprietary Pay-Online-With-Cash™ service. You manage and control the products offered, pricing, customer market selection, marketing strategy and approach, market expansion timing, sales fulfillment, shipping decisions, and the customer service.


BEFORE: Online sales payment fraud losses and fraud prevention costs can destroy profits.

AFTER: Elimination of online sales fraud losses and fraud prevention costs.


World Market, a worldwide eCommerce service, using their proprietary technology and Pay-Online-With-Cash™ service removes online sales payment fraud and the need for fraud payment prevention costs.

Online Privacy


BEFORE: Unavailable or very expensive payment services and inaccessible customers, in many countries a limited online sales market opportunity.

AFTER: Online CASH payment service worldwide, fully open shopping and buying global access by and to all online consumers.


World Market, a worldwide ecommerce service, using their proprietary technology and Pay-Online-With-Cash™ service open to vendors-sellers in 235 countries and territories open to 2.4 billion online buyers, with an all CASH, non-fraud, and very secure online payment system.

Privacy and safety onlinePRIVACY AND SAFETY

BEFORE: Chase down cyber crime after it occurs.

AFTER: Continually deliver higher crime prevention and payment fraud protection.


World Market, a worldwide eCommerce service, using their proprietary security technology and Pay-Online-With-Cash™ service delivers higher security and improved protection.

These description images are an over simplification, but obtaining these great benefits is also simple. Just signup, load up your product images, pricing and description, and World Market handles the global marketing, sales and payment transaction. I think you should review this new technology and this amazing new approach to cross-border eCommerce sales.