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The Myth of Being at Full Capacity

You can increase sales beyond the state of “fully” production capacity!

I have spoken to business owners who truly believe that they cannot expand sales because they are at, or near, full capacity. Unfortunately, this myth exists with manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers, almost every one in the production, distributing and selling of products. I do not at all question the truth of their statement. But because I am very motivated to help every business grow and be a huge success, I herewith present a few simple solutions to address and vanquish the incorrect myth that being at full capacity means a business can not sell more products.

Let’s explore this myth by way of example. We are given these facts:

  • It requires capital resources to expand product production, distribution, or sales
  • It requires more manpower, equipment, and floor space to expand
  • It requires more production from a component suppliers or a manufacturer
  • It requires an increase in the warehouse and fulfillment service, and
  • It requires a potential increase in the operational business risks.

Given these facts, what solutions allow for a sound business decision to expand production and sales capacity? The answer is managed growth, and managed incremental expansion. Let us briefly consider each issue.

Capital resources. If you can prove to an investor or a lender that with additional capital you can produce more revenue and that to deliver such an increase in sales requires very little risk, you can find the capital. How can you determine whether there are true buyers ready to purchase your expanded production? How can you incrementally expand production and sales with little risk in your marketing, promotion and selling activities?

The simple answer is to join World Market. By posting your products at the World Market shopping center and outlet mall you can measure customer demand. You can control the countries and territories that you offer your products to and you can control how many (the quantity) and how often (the timing) of product sales. All these managed growth controls are yours for only $6 per month, plus the sales fees.

More production resources. If you obtain capital, these issues are solvable.

More supplier support - Show a supplier, with sound evidence, that if he products more, you can and will purchase more. Trust me, the supplier will respond to your need. If not, find a second or third supplier.

Warehouse and Fulfillment - There are many warehouse and fulfillment service providers that will jump at the opportunity to service you needs. United Parcel Service (UPS) and DHL worldwide logistics are examples of global services that offer warehousing and fulfillment services. There are many more, just search the internet and find the one that fits your needs.

Operational risks - Whenever expansion is initiated it brings operational risks. Every business, whether old and established or your and struggling, has and must address risks. For the older established business, it is the fact that if you are standing still you are falling behind. As you fall behind you lose market share and sales. You must grow and expand to survive. For the young company, the statement that growth is needed is even more important.

No one or service provider can remove all the risks. However, by using World Market as an element in your business expansion activities, risks are reduced in some critical areas. As briefly discussed in the topic of capital resources, in the areas of measuring customer demand, marketing and promotions your products, and controlling the costs risks in the sales activities.

World Market allows your business to address each of these risks with full management control and with the ability to direct your product sales focus, pricing, quantity offered and many other important factors. Go check out World Market services and sign-up! Let’s get your business expansion underway in a BIG way.