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The slogan and the message- are they TRUE?

Free eCommerce Hosting and No Payment Fraud….Really!

Have you ever read the message?

“Get full and complete eCommerce hosting, no IT guys needed. Get a great payment gateway and payment processor, no payment fraud. Get your products presented for sale in 235 countries and 66 languages, all for less than $6 per month!”

I know, when you read it, you said to yourself: Yes and Donkeys can fly! Well, I have never seen a donkey fly, but can you afford to ignore this message? Can you afford just $6 per month to add an amazing global sales distribution channel to your business? It only takes a few minutes to verify if it is true!

If it is TRUE, it will be much better for your business than seeing a Donkey fly. It will be like your business finding the best super salesman in the world. He has offices in 235 countries and sells in 66 languages to 2.4 billion internet users. That is not all, this super salesman is on straight commission. If he doesn’t sell, you don’t have to pay. No sleep, no rest, he sells 24/7 in all 235 countries.

With each sale he collects only CASH, no credit card payments only CASH. He pays you, and off he goes to close another sale. Check it out for yourself. The message is true, the salesman is yours to hire and use. Aside from the salesman commission and the CASH payment transition-processing fee, this super salesman is yours for just $6 per month. Not per hour. Not per day. Not per week- for a whole month. Think about that, a super salesman for just $6 per month.

Go read this short article: World Market: Our Way of Business { http://supportcenter.pinpay.co/KB/a46/pinpay-world-market-our-way-of-business.aspx } It is Article 46 in the Support Center Knowledge Base. Also browse around the Knowledge Base, the Blog and the World Market shopping center and outlet mall. All of your products could be presented for sale here for just $6 per month. I can assure you, the message is TRUE and there has never a better time than now to join World Market and reap the rewards. (See: http://supportcenter.pinpay.co/KB/search.aspx ; http://vblog.pinpay.co/
; and http://worldmarket.pinpay.co/home.php ).