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Truth About the Go Global Trend

Do I need it…. and if so, Why?

The new buzz word in the e-trade magazines and the IT conferences is “Global.” Every IT service business, Internet sales marketer and all of the “I want to be some one important guys” are talking “Going Global.” There were and continue to be good and sound economic and technical reasons to consider the cloud technology and services. There are and continues to be very, very good reasons to “Go Global.” The problem is that 99.99% of the parties touting going global either:
(a) Have no idea what they are talking about; or
(b) Have nothing of real value to sell, offer or deliver that will “truly” benefit your business in “Going Global.”

First, let me tell you what you do not need to be sold. Here is a listing of the bill of good you do NOT buy in “Going Global.”

1] Global expansion servers; routers and related hardware and software.
2] Global network security services.
3] More IT staffing or consultants.
4] eCommerce service providers that provide service to just a few countries.
5] eCommerce payment gateways and processors that require you to accept credit card payments.

Here are some services you may consider, but evaluate each vendor carefully.

Regional or country experienced online sales marketing advisers
Customer service personal with multilingual skills
Establish account relationships with quality regional or global delivery services
And maybe a global or regional warehouse or fulfillment service provider.

Going Global is best done using a truly global eCommerce service provider. This approach greatly reduces your capital resource needs and gets your products into the market place quicker.

The five big global eCommerce service providers are:

World Market/PinPay

There are many more second and third tier eCommerce service providers that claim to be “global” service providers; they are not! The growing industry standard is that if the service provider cannot deliver eCommerce services to at least 150 countries, it is a regional service, not a “Global” service. Of the big five listed, the superior “Global” eCommerce service provider is World Market, which provides immediate and comprehensive eCommerce services to all online vendors and all shoppers in 235 countries and territories; that includes 2.4 billion internet users and over one billion smartphone users.

There are advantages to using a multiple number of these five global eCommerce providers. The use of a multiple number gives your products more shopping exposure and more distribution channels. Your business needs to “Go Global.” It needs to start the process as soon as is prudent; and it needs to pursue the process in a controlled and managed expansion process.

Your business also needs to avoid credit card fraud losses. Of the listed big five services the only one that can offer your business no credit card fraud losses is World Market. At World Market, all shopper purchases are paid for with online cash (Pay-Online-With-CASH™). No credit cards, just cash.

Look over the World Market online cash-pay shopping center and outlet mall; 
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After you click on the Support Center link and click on the Knowledge Base link to learn more. Browse the Knowledge Base articles for more news and information. Look into the World Market approach to global online cash purchase payments and the many great features and services offer. Then move forward and Get Global!