Dr. Glenn Gearhart CEO of World Market Vendor Services, Inc. provides News and Commentary

Using Power Marketing to be Noticed

Power Marketing has a proven success record - Try It!

With the millions and millions of website and webpages, I can assure you having your product be noticed by all the 2.4 billion internet users is normally a very difficult task. The only sure solution is to employ what is referred to as “Power Marketing.”

What is Power Marketing? How does one acquire it, and how much does it cost? Power Marketing can be expensive, but if you shop carefully you can obtain 
these great powers for less that $6 per month. Plus, acquiring these powers for each of your products is simple and almost fun.

My definition of online Power Marketing is simply the utilization of available online systems, tools, techniques and procedures in a manner that brings your product to the surface of the massive ocean of web site and web pages. As World Market offers every vendor up to six separate and unique marketing services, all for less that $6 per month, I am going to use World Market as the example for this discussion.

All World Market marketing programs are focused at two important missions. The first is to bring millions of visitors and shoppers to view the products at World Market and educate them about the benefits of using Pay-Online-With-CASH™ and their ability to make purchases without the need for a credit card.

The second mission is to focus their attention to your specific products offered at World Market. There are many different marketing programs, systems, tools and services that are designed to accomplish these two important missions. In the balance of this discussion, we will introduce and present information on some of the programs, systems, tools and services that are used to create and establish a customized marketing program.

The Power of Size

There is a fundamental rule in sales: “Knock on enough doors and you will find a buyer!” World Market takes this important rule for success very seriously. That is why when you list a product with us, we assure it is able to be not only seen by billions, but also, can be immediately purchased with online cash-pay. There is never any issue of the acceptance of a credit card or payment fraud at World Market.

Your products are viewable and actually “buyable” by up to 2.4 billion internet users including over one billion smartphone users. Note that payment is by PinPay, therefore, these smartphone users do not need a local mobile phone eWallet account to make purchases. Power Size also means geography. World Market reaches customers in 235 countries and territories in 66 languages. No other global eCommerce service offers this global coverage. That is power marketing! With our global coverage, and through the use of proprietary technology, “Pay-Online-With-CASH,™ World Market is now the largest online cash-pay shopping center and outlet mall in the world. Every business can benefit from the power of size. It’s simple, low cost and extremely effective.

Lovable and Effective Character Power

We have three unique World Market developed and owned, lovable characters who actively assist in both general and product specific promotions. They continually create enthusiasm, build customer loyalty, create product awareness, push invitations to join, and motivate customers to shop and to make purchases.

One character is named “Puffy,” he is the character you view more and more all over the Internet. Another one of our wonderful characters is “The Professor,” and the third character has not yet been released to the public.

Studies have repeatedly shown that a customer can quickly become attached to a lovable character. With attachment the customer becomes a loyal follower and promoter of the character; and more importantly the character's owner (World Market). As a real world example of this attachment propensity, see Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the resulting Disneyland empire. By joining World Market, your business benefits from “Puffy” and the other lovable World Market characters.

Online Cash-Pay Power

Online cash-pay is a very major marketing benefit to all vendors at World Market. To understand this marketing power we need to review what currently exists and how World Market delivers online cash-pay.

MasterCard has reported that only 15% of the world’s consumers have a credit card. That means that only 15% of the world’s consumers can purchase a product online. Result: When you attempt to sell a product online, by accepting a credit card, the most you can sell to is about 15% of 2.4 billion internet users. That amounts to about 360 million customers. In contrast, World Market does not accept credit cards. It is a cash-pay online store. That means our products are available to 100% of all the internet uses. That means your listed products reach 2.4 billion possible cash-paying customers, not just 360 million. That is a big difference. Plus with World Market, there are no issues of credit card fraud or payment fraud losses.

Based upon the 100% coverage and using the power of online cash-pay, in the sales of your products, World Market offers massive geographic coverage to 2.4 billion shoppers located in 235 countries and territories.

World Market, in effect, delivers a presentation of your product in every home, office, coffee shop, internet cafe, airport, hotel, store, boat, train, plane, bus and vehicle that offers internet access. Adding World Market to your marketing strategy is, in effect, adding 2.4 billion to your customer base. All this cash-pay power for a hosting fee for less than $6 per month for all the products you sell. Now that is marketing power!

Social Network Marketing Power

There are hundreds of social networks available to internet uses. However, by servicing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a few more of the larger one, World Market is able to reach a large share of the social network community. Within this community, we have a number of marketing programs designed to create interest in, and drive shoppers to, World Market.

In these promotional programs, we use our “Power Characters,” plus images, videos and other material to deliver awareness and the key points of one or more of our promotional programs. We also produce and distribute thought YouTube, videos which entertain, promote awareness, and a strong “Come-See-Us” message. In addition, we offer visitors and customers at World Market, who view a product details webpage, to directly send out an email about the product to a friend. We do our best to make if easy for the public to learn about, visit and shop at World Market.

Fundamental Online Marketing Power

There are thousands of ways to promote websites and products on the internet. Some are more effective that others. The World Market super-star IT team is on the inside and we use proprietary techniques and media programs all designed to focus all of the World Market advertising and promotional efforts to high value promotional solutions.

We use advertising space in multiple ways. We place ads with ad service producers such as Google and others. We accept ads on World Market from many sources, including World Market vendors. We’re the source provider for ads and promotional content on all World Market websites. We utilize various proprietary techniques to assure World Market is prevalent in the many worldwide search engines. One of the means by which we gain position in search engines, is with new postings at the World Market Blog.

World Market operates a Blog that regularly releases Articles and Blogs. These releases, available in 66 languages, address vendor orientated topics and some address topics of interest to the general public. Each individual Blog release is picked up by the world’s search engines. This is a huge outreach and delivery of World Market brand awareness and creates public inquiry visits. We also maintain a large volume of Articles at the World Market Support Center and Knowledge Base. Our Knowledge Base also supplies the world’s search engines with content. In addition, World Market uses various legal email out-reach programs and hot item news releases to reach new and established customers. All of these activities and programs, plus more, are designed to drive shoppers, lookers and visitor traffic to World Market.

Mall Marketing Power

Once we receive a viewer or shopper at the World Market Mall, our mission becomes getting them to first view your products and, most important, purchase your products.

You can not sell to them if you can not get them into the shore, but once they are in the store, another well known selling rule applies: “Close, Close and Close.” That is our only mission, to close a sale for you. Remember without sales, we do not get paid a commission. Trust me, we are motivated to close.

We use many techniques and tools to assist us in pushing for a purchase. As discussed in the “Lovable and Effective Character Power” section, we use our characters.

We provide the viewer many means of finding your products. All visitors have direct access to the World Market product search service and also an Advanced Search service that can bring the customers to your products.

We provide a product category and sub-category directory on the left column of each Mall shopping page. We operate a featured product presentation rotation, and can include your products in the featured product section at the World Market Mall.

We provide the ability for visitors and established customers at World Market to add your products to a customer’s “Wish List.” We also allow customers at World Market to add your products to a customer’s “Gift Registry.”

We offer all listed product titles, product descriptions and shopping cart service text in 66 languages. To my knowledge, this is by far the most language coverage of any global eCommerce service operating today.