Dr. Glenn Gearhart CEO of World Market Vendor Services, Inc. provides News and Commentary

About Dr. Gearhart

Dr. Glenn Gearhart is the CEO of World Market Vendor Services, Inc. He provides News and Commentary on eCommerce.  His biography is below:

Dr. Glenn Gearhart, Esq., Founder of the Company and its CEO and Chairman of the Board since its incorporation, is responsible for management of the PinPay and World Market.  Dr. Gearhart has over 45 years of professional experience in business development, operations, management, law, computer sciences and engineering. This experience includes over 15 years in the design development and operation of Internet applications, including cyber-security, ecommerce, payment systems, ecommerce marketing and sales.  In addition to founding PinPay and World Market, he has formed and operated a number of privately held corporations in many areas of business and has been legal corporate and securities council to various private and public companies. He was formally in private Law Practice, CEO of a manufacturing company, and an entertainment company, Managing General Partner of a national real estate investment group, and a Senior IT engineer/scientist with Boeing/McDonnel Douglas Corporation.

Dr. Gearhart has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to assemble a quality team, provide leadership and motivation, accept and respond to challenges, and record significant personal and corporate achievements in business and the high tech computer industries. Dr. Gearhart’s management and engineering experience spans computer graphics, computer animation, software development, major weapon systems design, production systems development, music recording, distribution and publishing, video production, and composite manufacturing. His legal experience includes securities law, corporate finance, general corporate law, real property law and civil litigation. Dr. Gearhart, a member of the California State Bar, holds a JD in Law from Western State University, an MS in Systems Engineering from West Coast University, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Trine University.